Gold Tigerseye Rough Crystals

Gold Tigerseye

Origin: India, Pakistan
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral


Gold Tigerseye Properties & Meaning


What is the Meaning of Gold Tigerseye?


Intro to Gold Tigerseye Crystals


Gold Tigerseye is a very powerful stone that can change many aspects of your life. Gold Tigerseye will balance your power, emotions and energy, but also open up your ability to manifest ideas and empower you to act on them. Prosperity and luck are also key characteristics of Gold Tigerseye. The versatility of Gold Tigerseye makes it an essential crystal to add to your collection. 

 Gold Tigerseye Tumbled Stones


Mineralogy of Tigerseye

Crystal System: Trigonal (quartz) + Rhombic (limonite)
Manner of Formation: Secondary
Mineral Class: Oxides/Tectosilicates (quartz) + Oxides (limonite)
Golden and Yellow-Brown inclusions in clear quartz
Chemical Formula: Sai0₂ + Fe00H



Gold Tigerseye in History


Gold Tigerseye has been an important gemstone in ancient Assyrian, Egyptian and Roman history. Its belief of warding off the evil eye led Roman soldiers to wear Tigersye in battle, and has been found in Assyrian and Egyptian tombs, as well as ancient Chinese temples. Occasionally they were used as eyes in statues of the sun god Ra and the earth god Geb.


Gold Tigersseye Polished Point Crystals


Properties of Gold Tigerseye Crystals


Tigerseye for Balance and Harmony

Gold Tigerseye is a wonderful gemstone for restoring equilibrium to many aspects of one’s life. It will help you restore peace by enhancing courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence while releasing anxieties and fear.

This gemstone gets its name not only from resembling the eye of a tiger, but also from its protective qualities against the Evil Eye. Its protective properties ward off negative or evil energies; and will bring more emotional stability. It will increase your focus and enhance your creativity which will allow you to accomplish your goals easier.

Gold Tigerseye Evil Eye Crystal

Our Tigerseye stones will help empower you to find your inner tiger’s fearlessness and courage to own your presence in this world. Helping you to make your own decisions and control your future and fortune into going your way, instead of living a reactionary life.

It also has warm energy that is great for healing situations such as abuse or domination. It can heal sickness and even alleviate physical pain, especially any sickness or injury having to do with the eyes. Since it is a stone that amplifies the energies of other stones, use it in conjunction with some of our other wonderful gemstones.


Healing Properties of Gold Tigerseye:

△ Self-Empowerment
△ Productivity
△ Balance
△ Power
△ Positivity
△ Manifestation




Gold Tigerseye Crystals - Carved Moons



When to Use Gold Tigerseye Crystals


Gold Tigerseye is one of the most sought-after gemstones because it is so versatile, and there is no wrong way to use it. Help enhance its deep connecting properties by keeping it close to your person. Wear it as a talisman, or jewelry, hold it during meditations, or even have it in your pocket daily.

It is a great stone to use when you are searching for clarity or change in your life. As well as when you are experiencing an increase in physical ailments. It will build up your resilience in both the spiritual and physical as well as make you more durable. The powerful energies it summons may surprise you and might even cause those around you to notice a shift and stillness within you.

Tigerseye is a must-have for anyone looking to obtain deeper spiritual and intimate emotional connections. Keeping this stone close to your body, especially while sleeping or meditating, can help you delve into lucid dreaming and astral projection.

  Gold Tigerseye Mini Palm Stone


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