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Mini Energy Cleansing Smudge Box

Mini Energy Cleansing Smudge Box

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The regular cleansing of your home, crystals, and energy from negative vibrations is important.

Dating back to ancient aboriginal practice, the smudging or "smoking" of sage helps to clear bad energies and cleanse your body, mind and soul. 

This little kit includes everything you'll need to perform your first energy cleansing smudge.

Every element is represented in this box, air (smudge smoke), water (abalone shell), earth (selenite and tumbled stones), and fire (palo santo).

Each smudge box contains:

- White Sage and Lavender Smudge Stick

- Abalone Shell

- Selenite Wand

- Palo Santo

- Tumbled Quartz Stone

- Tumbled Amethyst Stone

How to Use a Sage Smudge:

1. Light the smudge stick with a match.

2. As the smudge smoulders, move through each space you are wishing to cleanse while speaking your intentions. Use the abalone shell to collect any ashes that may fall. It is normal to need to relight the smudge every so often.

3. Once you have wafted smoke into each area you are wishing to smudge, return to a central area, and extinguish the smudge.

4. Place the palo santo inside the abalone shell, and surround the shell with your crystals.

5. Light the palo santo, as you reflect on the cleansing of the energy.

6. Once you have ensured the flames have been extinguished, pack everything back into the box in anticipation of your next smudge session!

Ethical Sourcing:

Our sage is harvested by selected Indigenous companies.

This wild sage is harvested by individual pickers (there is no big cultivation nor farms involved). This ensures an ethical harvest which leaves enough plants to self-populate the following year.

All of the abalone shells that we carry are ethically harvested. Ethical Sustainability is one of the main reasons we chose our current suppliers.

Abalone shells pass stringent importing regulations and scrutiny by the office of Fish and Wildlife in the US and the Conservation and Protection Branch of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada. All documentation must meet the requirements of both these governing bodies.

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