Smokey Quartz Crystals

Smokey Quartz

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Root


Smokey Quartz Properties & Meaning

What is the Meaning of Smokey Quartz?

Intro to Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is the ultimate crystal for emotional healing and protection. Smokey Quartz crystals have a darker pigment than Clear Quartz – ranging anywhere from just a hint of brown “smoke” to dark, almost black colour. Smokey Quartz gets its colouring from silicon dioxide, produced during the natural radiation that takes place deep within the Earth.

Smokey Quartz endures this tough irradiation process and becomes one of the fiercest healing crystals that we have. We can each harness the strength of Smokey Quartz, and borrow its power when we begin our journey to healing our body, soul, and spirit. Smokey Quartz crystals are known especially for their ability to detoxify, which makes it an important stone for those who are looking to overcome addictions, or break negative life cycles.

Smokey Quartz can aid you in releasing negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, and irritability. Keep this crystal around when you are going through times of turmoil. It helps to open your root chakra, grounding your energy and bringing you strength. Smokey Quartz is the crystal you need when you are being called to let go of the things no longer serving you.

 Smokey Quartz tumbled crystals - Muse + Moonstone


Smokey Quartz Crystals in History

Smokey Quartz has been used for centuries as a stone or crystal of protection. Many ancient civilizations, including the Celts, the Greeks, and the Romans, wore Smokey Quartz as a talisman for warding of negative energy or bad luck. In many places, Smokey Quartz was often carried into battle by soldiers, hoping that it would protect them against their enemies.  

During the Middle Ages, alchemists used Smokey Quartz in their experiments, believing that it had the power to transmute negative energy into positive energy. While it may not have helped alchemists achieve their goals, spiritual healers all around the globe still believe in the ability of Smokey Quartz to remove negative energy, especially when it is used to make way for positive energy.


Mineralogy of Smokey Quartz

Crystal System: Trigonal
Manner of Formation: Primary or tertiary
Mineral Class:
Oxides/tectosilicates - Quartz family 
Colour: Slightly yellow brown to dark brown, greyish black, black
Chemical Formula: SiO2 + (Al, Li, Na, Fe, Mn, Ti)


Smokey Quartz Crystal Cluster - Muse + Moonstone


When to Use Smokey Quartz Crystals

Smokey Quartz Crystals for Protection

Many people use Smokey Quartz crystals for protection, whether it's from negative energy, psychic attacks, or other forms of harm. You can carry a small piece of Smokey Quartz in your pocket or wear it as jewelry to help shield yourself from negativity.


Smokey Quartz Crystals for Grounding

Smokey Quartz crystals are also known for their grounding properties, which can help you feel more centered and stable. Grounding is particularly useful during times of stress or anxiety, when you might feel scattered or unbalanced. Holding a Smokey Quartz crystal or placing it on your Root Chakra (located at the base of the spine) can help you to feel more grounded and connected to the earth.


Smokey Quartz Crystals for Clearing Energy

Smokey Quartz is believed to have the ability to clear negative energy and emotions, and can also be helpful in breaking negative cycles or patterns of behavior. Some people use Smokey Quartz wands or points to direct energy towards specific areas of the body or space that needs clearing.


Healing Properties of Smokey Quartz:

- Grounding
- Protection
- Awareness
- Positive Thinking
- Eliminates Worry
- Relieves Anxiety


Smoky Quartz Polished Towers - Muse + Moonstone


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