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Origin: Afghanistan
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Properties and Meaning of Lapis Lazuli

An Intro to Lapis Lazuli

Displaying a gorgeous azure blue lustre, Lapis Lazuli is celebrated for bestowing wisdom on its users and strengthening devotional connections. This beautiful blue stone has been mined by some of the oldest civilizations on Earth and is said to have divine powers.

Lapis Lazuli - Rough Crystals

The name Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Persian word 'lazur' which roughly translates to 'blue stone', which to say is a fitting name is an understatement! Lapis Lazuli is the most gorgeous blue that has been the inspiration of artists since ancient times.

Lapis Lazuli strongly stimulates the Third Eye Chakra. This in turn amplifies intuition and even strengthens one’s connection with spirit. Mined for thousands of years, Lapis Lazuli carries with it “old world” energy that is deemed sacred and all-encompassing.

The appearance of Lapis Lazuli is also very regal and ornate. Not only is the rich royal blue pigment stunning, but it also features gold-colored flecks and steaks that add contrast and visual flair. Many ancient emperors and leaders highly valued this stone for its allure and majestic qualities.


Lapis Lazuli in History

Ancient Uses

Lapis Lazuli was first mined in Afghanistan more than 6,000 years ago, and was used by other ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians, Babylonians, and Egyptians for jewelry and decorative objects. In ancient Egypt, Lapis Lazuli crystals were thought to have magical powers and was used in funeral masks and other important objects.


Medieval Europe

Lapis Lazuli was brought to Europe from Afghanistan during the Middle Ages, and was used by artists to create blue pigment for paintings. The pigment was so expensive that it was often reserved for use in paintings of the Virgin Mary, and became known as "ultramarine," which means "beyond the sea."



During the Renaissance, Lapis Lazuli was used by artists such as Michelangelo and Raphael, and was considered one of the most valuable pigments available. It was often ground into a fine powder and mixed with oil to create a vivid blue color.


Mineralogy of Lapis Lazuli

Crystal System: Cubic (lazurite, pyrite), trigonal (calcite), monolic (diopside)
Manner of Formation: Tertiary
Mineral Class: Tectosilicates (lazurite), chain silicates (diopside), sulphides (pyrite), carbonates (calcite)
Colour: Azure blue to ultramarine blue (lazurite), gold (pyrite), white (calcite, diopside)
Chemical Formula: (Na,Ca) ₈[(SO₄,S,Cl)₂ |(AlSiO₄)₆] (lazurite)


When to Use Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli for Confidence

Since Lapis Lazuli can also stimulate the Throat Chakra, it can be useful when you need a confidence boost. This stone will help you speak your truth in times when you need to get things off your chest. Best of all, the meaning of Lapis Lazuli crystals helps you see right through to the root of an issue with its intuitive guidance.

The properties of Lapis Lazuli can help stimulate concentration when studying or learning new things. This crystal is essential for those hoping to gain knowledge and insight from a higher consciousness.


Lapis Lazuli Pencil Points


Lapis Lazuli for Healing

Lapis Lazuli is said to protect and heal the Throat Chakra while also stimulating and strengthening the Third Eye Chakra. Holding this stone up to the larynx can help relieve pain in the neck, strengthen the voice and balance various glands. This stone is also helpful in reducing insomnia and anxiety as well as supporting the nervous system.


Lapis Lazuli for Relationships

By wearing Lapis Lazuli jewelry, you can ward off psychic attacks and boost your intuition regarding relationships and the world around you.

Lapis Lazuli in the home or workplace can keep energies and emotions balanced so that relationships stay diplomatic. This stone’s presence encourages truthful communication and higher learning.


Lapis Lazuli - Unique #1

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli:

- Spiritual Enlightenment
- Offers Wisdom
- Cleansing
- Promotes Serenity
- Dispels Negativity
- Enhances Memory

Tips for Working with Lapis Lazuli

  • This stone is rather delicate so it’s best to avoid abrasives and scrubbing when cleaning.
  • Simply cleanse this stone with lukewarm running water and mild soap if needed. Gently rub dry with a delicate towel and leave in the sun to recharge.
  • Another effective way to charge this stone involves holding it in your fist, closing your eyes and focusing positive, higher energy from your Third Eye into the stone.
  • When meditating with Lapis Lazuli, focus on taking control of your mental state. This stone helps us bring awareness to and power over our thoughts and feelings.
  • Placing pieces of Lapis Lazuli near your bed can help renew the mind and body while increasing the possibility of insightful dreams.


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