Meaning and Properties of Celestite



Origin: Madagascar

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Throat


What is the Meaning of Celestite?

Intro to Celestite

Celestite is the crystal of Angels. Celestite is a crystal that has a gentle, pure, and loving vibrational energy that envelopes you with peace and tranquility.

Celestite - Cluster

Blue is the colour of all things divine and heavenly, and Celestite crystals range anywhere from the most beautiful shades of light sky blue to mysterious shades of deep ocean blue.

This crystal is associated with the Third Eye, Crown, and Throat chakras, making it a really helpful crystal to use while communicating with Spirit and Angels.

Celestite brings you awareness of your surroundings, including the angels that may be present to help guard and guide you on your way.

Celestite is also the crystal of prophecy, and those who practice divination are especially drawn to this crystal. No one can know for certain what the future holds, but you can work with Spirit to get a glimpse of the possibilities! Using Celestite to help develop your connection with Spirit can increase your intuition and ability to forecast what may be in store for you (or your friends and family!) in the future.

Celestite is specifically known for promoting dream recall. Celestite is also very encouraging of intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, and allows these gifts to manifest.


When to Use Celestite Crystals

When you are looking to build a connection to Spirit, Celestite will help you to open up your Third Eye Chakra and invite communication from your spirit guides and angels.

Celestite is the perfect crystal to use when you are practicing divination of any kind. Opening up your connection to the Spirit Realm will aid you in finding a heightened awareness of your intuition and psychic abilities.


How to Use Celestite

To invite your spirit guides and guardian angels to communicate with you, place a piece of Celestite either under your pillow or on your bed side table. Keep a notebook and pen nearby as well as angels are known to communicate through dreams, and remembering these messages is incredibly important to your spiritual journey. 

When you are practicing any form of divination, keep a piece of Celestite nearby. Set your intentions with your crystal, ask it help guide you towards the answers that you seek.


Celestite Clusters

Benefits of Celestite:

△ Peace 

△ Spiritual Connection

△ Tranquility 

△ Positivity 

△ Prophecy


Tips for Working with Celestite

  • Celestite tumbled stones may be kept on your bedside table, or under your pillow to allow visitation from Spirit.
  • Be intentional when using your Celestite crystal, make sure to be specific about which Spirits you are allowing visitation from.
  • When working with the Third Eye Chakra, hold a Celestite crystal over your Third Eye to unblock your connections with spirit guides and angels
  • Be sure to cleanse your Celestite crystal often to free it from any lingering  energy from Spirit. Smudging with sage will cleanse the energy of your Celestite crystal, as will leaving it out in the moonlight.

    Celestite Tumbled Stones


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