Serpentine Tumbled Crystals


The Stone of the Serpent
Origin: South Africa
Chakra: Crown, Heart, Solar Plexus


Serpentine Properties & Meaning


Intro to Serpentine Crystals


Serpentine crystals are here to help you find a completely new direction. Powerful Kundalini Awakening stones, Serpentine crystals will help you focus your energy into finding alignment with your higher purpose. 

Serpentine will help you find attunement and alignment with your higher power as your intuition and vibration find expansion. 

The word "serpentine" comes from the Latin word "serpentinus," which means "of or resembling a serpent." This is because the mineral serpentine is often green in color and has a wavy, mottled appearance that can resemble the skin of a snake.

Additionally, the mineral was believed to protect against snakebite in ancient times, further cementing its association with serpents.


Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Serpentine:

- Realignment
- Balance
- Purpose
- Empowerment
- New Directions
- Intuition


Serpentine and the Goddess Hecate

In modern witchcraft and spiritual practices, Serpentine crystals are often used in rituals and meditations that involve the Greek goddess Hecate. Serpentine is believed to help facilitate communication with the goddess of the underworld, deepen spiritual awareness, and promote healing and transformation.

The use of Serpentine crystals for Hecate can be a powerful way to connect with the ancient goddess and draw upon her energy and guidance in your spiritual practice.


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