Bloodstone Polished Points


Origin: India
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Crown


Bloodstone Properties & Meaning

What is the Meaning of Bloodstone?

Intro to Bloodstone

Bloodstone is also known as the “Warrior Stone.” Legend has it that this stone was carried by ancient warriors, for its power was so great, it would assist in battle. As suggested by its name, the Bloodstone has a strong connection with our blood and circulatory system. 

Bloodstone heightens creativity and is useful to have when starting a project or looking for inspiration. Bloodstone crystals provide clarity and can be essential to good decision-making. For these reasons, it is said the rulers of great kingdoms also carried the stone. Bloodstone is said to be associated with victory, strength, power, wealth, fame and good luck. The properties of Bloodstone are also known to assist in the stimulation of dreams and manifestation.

If one is religious, Bloodstone is also known to have devout powers. It can help you connect with your religious beliefs and feel closer to your faith. Bloodstone was fabled to have been created at the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, when drops of his blood fell from the cross onto the green Jasper below, leading to its great power and connection to the purity of the blood in our very bodies.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

Bloodstone can aid in promoting better circulation throughout the body as well as the absorption of energy from to sun into our blood to help strengthen our immune systems. It is also said to have a powerful coagulant effect, helping heal physical wounds quickly.


Benefits of Bloodstone:

- Calming
- Grounding
- Revitalizing
- Anxiety
- Reduce Emotional Stress
- Protection
- Purity




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