Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Universal


Agate Properties & Meaning 


Intro to Agate

Agate is a healing crystal made up of layer upon layer of chalcedony and Quartz and is usually found in volcanic or sedimentary rock cavities. These rock cavities often contain druzy Quartz (or other crystalline druzy such as Amethyst), which is a spectacular and breathtaking feat of mother nature.


Agate Geode


Agate is a crystal that is associated with being supportive of emotional healing, stability and grounding. This is a crystal that will guide you while you work with mindset or manifestation, especially if you need help with concentration, perception, or just general mental support.

Agate has so many incredible healing benefits and can be found in a variety of patterns and color combinations. Each colored stone will provide different benefits for every individual and will align with different chakras as well.


Mineralogy of Agate

Crystal System: Trigonal
Manner of Formation: Primary or Secondary
Mineral Class: Oxides/Tectosilicates - Quartz family 
Color: Black, Brown, Clear, Grey, Light Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, White
Chemical Formula: SiO2 + Al, Fe 


Black Agate Bookends

Benefits of Agate:  

△ Grounding

△ Strong Communication

△ Passionate & Loving Energy

△ Spiritual Connection

△ Stability



What Are the Different Types of Agate?

Agate comes in many different varieties. Some types of Agate are naturally occurring, while some of them may be dyed to achieve their color. Each type of Agate can have different properties and meanings. Keep reading to explore some of the types of Agate. 


Blue Agate Geode


Blue Agate

Blue Agate is a crystal that is associated with emotional healing, and soothing emotional pain. This crystal can be especially helpful for those that experience anxiety, particularly anxiety associated with relationships or social situations.

Blue Agate is used most often for working with many aspects of communication and relationship building such as truth, honesty, and courage. Blue Agate can encourage emotional regulation, which can be a barrier to maintaining successful relationships.

If you are experiencing difficulties trusting or feeling secure in the loyalty of those around you, Blue Agate will help guide you in the direction of the truth.

Blue Agate is said to be the stone of the stars, and it is known for its helpfulness when doing astrological work. Blue Agate may allow for astrological messages to become more apparent.


Blue Agate Bookends

Benefits of Blue Agate: 

△ Astrology Work

△ Soothe Emotions

△ Patience

△ Trust

△ Loyalty

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is a naturally occurring variety of Agate that is well known for its alternating layers of blue. Blue Lace Agate is also known to cool and calm fiery tempers, so be sure to have this stone on hand in times of disagreement! This stone is also known for its healing properties, specifically in reducing infection and inflammation such as arthritis.

The calming nature of this stone helps to bring balance and stability when you are feeling anxious. Blue Lace Agate, much like its cousin Blue Agate is especially helpful when communicating.


Blue Lace Agate Crystals 


Benefits of Blue Lace Agate:      

△ Encouragement 

△ Calming

△ Clarity

△ Balance 

△ Inner Stability


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Purple Agate

Purple Agate is a crystal known for being associated with intuition, divinity, and peaceful dreams. Purple Agate is helpful when working with your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra because of its ability to balance your energy and open up that Spiritual connection.

Purple Agate is an inspirational crystal; it has been attributed with stimulating creativity and it will have your creative thoughts and ideas to flowing in abundance. Purple Agate is especially effective for those working with matters of the mind such as psychology or self-discovery. 

Purple Agate is also a crystal known for its use in rituals involving several goddesses and can help you to unlock your divine feminine energy.


Purple Agate Generator

Benefits of Purple Agate:

△ Mental Clarity

△ Balance Energy

△ Creativity

△ Increase Efficiency 

△ Intuition

△ Goddess Energy


Pink Agate

Pink Agate is a crystal known for its passionate and loving energy, as well as for its ability to neutralize anger and negative energy. 

Pink Agate can be used to increase confidence, courage and emotional strength. Pink Agate stokes fiery passion within, whether it's a passionate relationship, or motivating you to work towards a specific goal.

The properties of Pink Agate make it a great crystal to use when you are looking to work with your Divine Feminine or Goddess energy. Goddesses are all about their glowing self-confidence, their ability to be passionate about life and love, and their nurturing nature. Pink Agate can help you to liberate your inner-Goddess and live your best life.


Pink Agate Bookends

Benefits of Pink Agate:

- Passion

- Neutralizes Anger

- Courage

- Confidence

- Love

- Goddess Energy


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Green Agate

Green Agate is known as the crystal of health. Green Agate represents the Earth and its responsibility to help heal our minds and bodies. This stone is Green Agate Generatorgood to have around for anyone suffering from any sort of ailment. It gives healing energy to our bodies and helps restore the balance between all of the different systems within our bodies.

If any of our systems become out of sync, the energy of Green Agate will help refresh and resynchronize them. As we begin the rejuvenation of our bodies, we also naturally begin to recharge our minds, and with that our chakras as well. Green Agate aids our body with ailments such as inflammation in our joints, enhancing proper digestion in our digestive systems, as well as any psychosomatic disorders. This stone is also said to assist in fertility.

Green Agate is considered the most powerful of all the stones in the Agate family. The ancient Egyptians highly valued Green Agate and used it in jewelry and decorative pieces. This crystal was said by Egyptian healers to increase compassion and emotional flexibility.


Green Agate Polished Points        

Black Agate

In yoga there is a saying, “Root down to rise up”, which is basically the energy we get from Black Agate.

Black Agate, like many other Root Chakra crystals, can be used to both release negative energy and call in positive, peaceful energy. When you are grounded you are better able to regulate your emotions and feel secure in yourself.

Black Agate Tumbled CrystalsBlack Agate is a crystal associated with the Root Chakra. This crystal is helpful in maintaining a peaceful environment, clearing out any unwanted negativity energy that might be lingering. Black Agate will help you to keep your energy grounded and find peace - even in times of utter chaos.

Being grounded, or the act of consciously grounding your energy is just another way of saying that your energy is stable… that you’ve created a solid foundation in which you’ve found a balance between positive and negative energies.

In order to really find growth, we first need to feel secure in our roots. Black Agate can help you navigate through trauma and grief, especially during the loss of a loved one or major life changes. The energy of Black Agate helps you to invoke your inner strength to overcome challenges, no matter what aspect of your life those challenges manifest in, or how long you’ve been struggling with them.


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          Black Agate Bookends


White Agate 

White Agate is a crystal that is very much associated with energy work, release, and balance.

There are moments in life where shedding begins to occur - sometimes this begins abruptly, but there is no need to be alarmed. You are beginning to enter a period of enormous growth. Lean into this energy! White Agate can bring energy into your space that will support this growth by helping you to shed what no longer serves you.


White Agate Tumbled Crystals


The properties of White Agate can also be especially useful for those that experience anxiety, depression, and other mental challenges that you may require additional assistance with. Release of trauma can be brought about when you work with White Agate, which can form part of underlying issues leading to challenges of the mind. This is a crystal that is here solely to aid you in growth and release! 

White Agate is in alignment with the Crown Chakra, meaning that it is a great crystal to work with when you are seeking to open yourself up to spiritual connection, light work, and energy work.


Moss Agate

With its beautiful moss-like emerald embellishments that seem to float in a white stone sea, it is no mystery where Moss Agate gets its name.

Moss Agate Polished PointsWhile in ancient times, Moss Agate represented the healing and growth of the planet as well as the agriculture and crops of farmers, its healing properties are applicable to our own lives. By helping to elevate our own connection to planet Earth, Moss Agate is meant to bring to our everyday lives the tranquility and emotional balance one feels when hiking in the forest or laying on the beach.

Moss Agate is also said to be a social stone and aids in the formation of new friendships and relationships. This stone is a perfect addition to the home of any Aquarius, the most social astrological sign, or anyone else looking to bring about more positive social energy.


Flower Agate

Flower Agate is known to bring inner peace and encourage living in the present moment. Flower Agate will promote self-growth, while inspiring you to appreciate periods of self-discovery. 

The energy of Flower Agate is grounding and comforting, both properties that will help support you through any emotional healing process. This crystal has been credited with helping you to create a healthy domain to heal in and restore emotional balance. 


Flower Agate Healing Crystals


Flower Agate can be placed over the Heart Chakra for meditation. Allow yourself to absorb the nourishing energy of Flower Agate. 

Flower Agate is said to activate and open both the Heart Chakra and the Root Chakra. Connecting these two Chakras will help to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, while increasing compassion.


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