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Stone of Creativity

Origin: Pakistan, India
Sacral Chakra, Root Chakra


Carnelian Properties & Meaning


What is the Meaning of Carnelian?


Intro to Carnelian Crystals


Carnelian is a crystal that is known for its many different healing properties. Carnelian is known for its Sacral Chakra energy and its power to restore vitality and motivation, and stimulate creativity. Carnelian gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates success. Carnelian crystals are said to be useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. Carnelian helps you to regain trust in yourself and your own perceptions.

In terms of physical properties, Carnelian is said to help heal lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and depression. Carnelian crystals have been used to regulate the kidneys and accelerate healing in bones and ligaments. 

Carnelian is also considered a semi-precious gemstone, which has made it a popular choice for jewelry throughout much of history.


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Mineralogy of Carnelian

Crystal System: Trigonal
Manner of Formation: Primary or Secondary
Mineral Class: Oxides/Tectosilicates, Quartz Group
Colour: Red-Brown, Orange to meaty Red
Chemical Formula: SiO2 H2O + (Fe,O,OH)


Carnelian in History

Carnelian has been known to man since around the Early Neolithic period. Carnelian crystals were most often used in Ancient Roman times to make signets for wax seals, since it was discovered that the wax did not stick to it. It was a revered gemstone for the Assyrians, Egyptians, Ancient Greeks and Etruscans. In the Middle Ages it was used for its calming effect, to reduce headaches and even as a birthing aid.

Carnelian was predominantly made into beads and medallions to be worn, but was also used as decoration, especially in places of worship. The Egyptians used Carnelian in their tombs because the stone was thought to have highly protective capabilities for souls that had passed from this world. It is believed that Carnelian is the gemstone that is referenced in the Bible as the first stone in the High Priest's breastplate.


Properties of Carnelian


Healing Powers of Carnelian Crystals


Although Carnelian is a stone of creativity, it harbors many healing properties that help with physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Carnelian’s hot and fiery energy boosts self-confidence and lifts the emotions which helps to provide courage to overcome the daily difficulties. This goes hand in hand with the clarity it can bring in times of confusion. This crystal promotes stability, concentration and problem solving by securing your thoughts in the present, instead of wandering into fantasies. Balancing the mind, in turn, helps to balance the body.

Carnelian purifies the blood and ensures a good supply to the organs as well as enhances the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, nutrients, and minerals for a heightened metabolism. This has a positive domino effect of promoting healthy kidneys and accelerates healing. Carnelian crystals also help reinforce fertility, virility and sexual health in both women and men, helping to conquer infertility and impotence problems.

Carnelian’s ability to balance the mind and body helps connect oneself to their inner spirituality and purpose in life. It will help awaken the lifeforce within, reconnecting you with the simple pleasure of living life. The energy of Carnelian gives it the ability to heal and boost inner confidence make it a very useful crystal for healing trauma. Carnelian can help return enthusiasm to your life, dispel lethargy and anxiety and renew a sense of joie de vivre in everyday life.


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Benefits of Carnelian:

- Motivation
- Positive Choices
- Strength
- Courage
- Fertility
- Rekindle Passion


When to Use Carnelian Crystals

Carnelian is an essential addition to your crystal collection, especially if you feel you’ve lost your inner passion. It will not only restore motivation and determination to your journey, but it will also guide you to reconnect with your spirituality and self-worth. 

The properties of Carnelian allow you to tap into the creativity that resides in all of us, whether you’re looking for creativity in a hobby, your relationships or at work, by allowing you to let go of the limitations imposed by your mind.


 Carnelian Polished Crystals - Muse + Moonstone


How to Use Carnelian Crystals

To fully benefit from Carnelian’s physical, emotional and spiritual healing powers try wearing it as jewelry that will have direct contact with the skin, such as a beaded bracelet.

You can also carry it on your person in a pocket or purse, as well as incorporate it into the space where creativity is needed. For an added elevation in its healing properties place it on the heart while you are meditating.  


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