Garnet Crystals - Muse + Moonstone


The Crystal of Rejuvenation 

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown


Properties & Meaning of Garnet


What is the Meaning of Garnet?


Intro to Garnet Crystals


Garnet is the stone most deeply connected with life force. Not only does Garnet refresh and revitalize our entire bodies but it is also directly linked to our survival instinct.

Garnet is a good crystal to have when going through a traumatic life event or while trying to navigate difficult times. Garnet is the gemstone bridge to our physical vessels. The healing properties of Garnet have been known to stimulate the metabolism, improve libido and instill confidence.

Garnet has also been known to improve awareness through the stimulation of all of the bodies’ senses and the Heart and Root chakras. The awareness brought to an individual by the metaphysical power of Garnet can bring about past life recall as well as feelings of great passion.

Due to the ability of Garnet to refresh the body and improve our Body – Mind connection, Garnet is an excellent stone to have around when one is wishing to improve their body health whether it be through strengthening or curing illness.


Garnet Crystals - Muse + Moonstone


Mineralogy of Garnet

Crystal System: Cubic
Manner of Formation: Tertiary
Mineral Class: Island silicate
Colour:Red, pink, orange, yellow, green-brown to black 
Chemical Formula: Me²⁺₃Me³⁺₂(SiO₄)₃ + Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn, Ti


How are Garnet Crystals Formed?


Garnet crystals can be found in many different geological settings, including metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks.

The specific type of Garnet crystal and its characteristics, such as color and size, depend on the specific geological conditions in which the crystal was formed.

For example, some Garnets may be more red or more green depending on the amount of iron or chromium in the crystal.


Metamorphic Garnets

Metamorphic Garnets are the most common type and are formed when pre-existing minerals in rocks are subjected to high temperatures and pressures deep within the Earth's crust. This process causes the minerals to recrystallize and form new minerals, including Garnets.


Igneous Garnets

Igneous Garnets are formed when magma cools and solidifies, either beneath the Earth's surface or after being ejected as volcanic lava. These Garnet crystals are often found in igneous rocks such as granite and basalt.


Sedimentary Garnets

Sedimentary Garnets are formed when pre-existing garnets are weathered and eroded from their original source rocks and then deposited as sediment. Over time, the sediment becomes compressed and forms sedimentary rocks such as sandstone or shale.


Benefits of Garnet:

- Rejuvenation

- Life Force

- Libido

- Awareness

- Confidence

- Passion

 Garnet Ring - Muse + Moonstone



When to Use Garnet Crystals


Garnet crystals are often used in spiritual healing to help balance the energy of the body and promote feelings of grounding, stability, and vitality. Here are some specific situations where Garnet crystals may be helpful:


When you're feeling ungrounded or disconnected from your body.


Garnet is believed to help bring you back into your body and connect with your physical senses, which can be helpful if you're feeling scattered or unfocused.


When you need help setting boundaries.


Garnet has a protective energy that can help you establish healthy boundaries and protect yourself from negative energy.


When you're feeling low in energy or motivation.


Garnet can be used as a revitalizing stone that will help boost your energy levels and provide you with the motivation to pursue your goals.


When you're experiencing emotional turmoil.


Garnet has a calming energy that will help ease feelings of anxiety, anger, or depression.


When you want to deepen your connection to your sexuality or creativity.


Garnet is associated with both the Root and Sacral chakras, which are related to sexuality and creativity respectively. Using Garnet crystals  while in meditation or placing them on or near the areas of the body associated with those chakras can help you to amplify those energies. 


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