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The Crystal of Wonder

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Apatite Properties & Meaning


Apatite is a stone that rarely takes on a crystallized form, but when it does the result is breathtaking. Often confused with similar looking minerals of the beryl and calcite families, Apatite wasn't officially named until 1786. Apatite crystals form in many different colors, with the most common variations being Blue Apatite and Green Apatite.


Did you know? The name Apatite has roots in the Greek word 'apatao', which means 'to delude'


Mineralogy of Apatite

Crystal System: Hexagonal
Manner of Formation: Primary or Tertiary
Mineral Class: Phosphates
Colour: Black, blue, green, yellow, pink or red
Chemical Formula: Ca₅ [(F, Cl,OH) | (PO₄)₃] + Na, Mg, Mn, Sr, Y, SE, CO₃, SO₄



Intro to Blue Apatite 

Blue Apatite generator polished points will be working overtime to help you keep your creative juices flowing. Creating a space that is inspired and full of good vibrational energy is the key to working through any sort of creative or emotional blockages. 

Blue Apatite helps to clear confusion, apathy, and negativity. Once negativity has been cleared, Blue Apatite can help foster motivation and problem solving which makes this the perfect stone for those on a path of change. Allow this crystal to help pick up the pieces when things just haven't been working in your favor. 


Benefits of Blue Apatite:

- Clears Confusion
- Cleanses Auras
- Promotes Independence
- Enhances Creativity
- Concentration
- Communication 


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