Pyrite Healing Crystals



Origin: Brazil, Peru, Mexico

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root


What is the Meaning of Pyrite?

Intro to Pyrite

Your dreams can and will come true.

You may have heard of Pyrite, also called ‘Fools Gold’, or the term “Not all that glitters is gold”, but who said that gold is the only thing allowed to glitter anyway?

Pyrite has valuable properties in itself – it’s perfect for protecting your energy and promoting success! This stone will help shield you from negative energy, while helping you to amplify positive energy.

Pyrite Cluster

That glittery, sparkly surface? It’s great for reflecting bad vibes back to where they came from.

Expect abundance when you keep Pyrite close to you – in all aspects, but especially in terms of wealth and business success.

Pyrite is also known as a powerful stone for manifesting your dreams, perseverance and determination.


Properties + Benefits of Pyrite:

△ Protection

△ Prosperity

△ Perseverance

△ Ambition

△ Luck 

△ Creativity

    Pyrite Cluster  


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