Citrine Tumbled Crystals


The Crystal of Joy

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral

Citrine Properties & Meaning 


What is the Meaning of Citrine?


Intro to Citrine


Citrine is a crystal that you can depend on to help manifest success in your life. Citrine is known not only for its powers of manifestation, but also for its ability to motivate, empower, and energize.

Citrine Tumbled Crystals

Citrine is the crystal to use if you are looking to attract abundance to your life, whether you are looking for more wealth, power, prosperity, or even a more active social life. Remember that wealth is not only monetary!

Wealth means abundance, plenty, or quality - all things that can be applied to many aspects of our lives.

    Citrine can also help you work through conflict as it promotes peace and guards against negative energy. Citrine brings joy, love, happiness, and comfort to any space that it is found in. Citrine is sunshine in crystal form.

    Citrine is also a great crystal for sparking creativity and working through any blocks that you may have found hindering your work. 


    When to Use Citrine

    Pull out your Citrine anytime you are manifesting success and wealth in all aspects. Whether you are gunning for that promotion, starting a new hobby, or just ready to take charge of your life again, you’ll want to keep this crystal close by. Carry a piece with you in your pocket, purse, or car, to be sure you are maximizing the benefits to come from this stone.


    How to Use Citrine

    Use Citrine crystals during meditation sessions, by placing the stone directly onto the chakra for direct healing or place it around you to absorb its cleansing energy.

    It can be quite powerful to simply hold in your hands while practicing your daily affirmations. Wear citrine as a piece of jewelry, or place a piece somewhere in your home, workplace and even under your pillow while your sleep.

    Citrine can be used several ways, but as long as you are using it with intention, there really is no right or wrong way to receive the positive effects of this crystal.


    Citrine Unique Specimen #5 

    Healing Properties of Citrine:

    - Comfort
    - Energy Protection
    - Prosperity
    - Creativity
    - Happiness
    - Attracts Love


    Citrine Rough Stones | Muse + Moonstone

    Tips for Working with Citrine

    • Citrine can be used in any form of spiritual healing that resonates with you. 
    • It is recommended to clean your crystals about once a month depending on how often you are using them. 
    • You can keep a piece of Citrine in your wallet when you are manifesting financial success.
    • Citrine can fade when exposed to bright light and heat for extended periods of time. Use caution if bringing your crystals outside for any reason. 
    • Keep Citrine with you for manifesting happiness, success and wealth. 

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       Citrine Properties and Meaning


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