Sodalite Tumbled Stones



Origin: Canada, Brazil, Bolivia, Portugal, Romania, Burma, Russia

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Zodiac Sign: Virgo and Sagittarius

Element: Wind


Sodalite Healing Properties & Meaning 

What is the Meaning of Sodalite?

Intro to Sodalite


The spiritual meaning of Sodalite is that it promotes peace and tranquility - something most of us could probably stand to gain a little more of. The properties of Sodalite can be used to boost intuition and inspiration, making it a powerful stone to keep around if you're the creative type.

Rough Sodalite is also said to clear electromagnetic pollution. If you're the type to surround yourself with electronics you might want to think about keeping a Sodalite crystal around.


Where Was Sodalite Discovered?


Sodalite is thought to have been first discovered in 1811 by Europeans exploring Greenland, though deposits of Sodalite have been found across the globe. Sodalite did not see an increase in popularity until the late 1800's when a deposit was found in Ontario, Canada.


Sodalite - Tumbled Stones



Mineralogy of Sodalite

Crystal System: Cubic
Manner of Formation: Primary but can rarely be tertiary
Mineral Class: Tectosilicates
Color: Dark blue
Chemical Formula: NaAlSi₃O₈/CaAl₂S₂O₈ + K, OH, Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, CO₃, SO₄, H₂O



Sodalite for the Throat Chakra


Sodalite is a crystal that is aligned with the Throat Chakra. Sodalite can be used to increase communication, objectivity and your ability to reason. Sodalite can aid you in breaking through a blockage of the Throat Chakra by increasing the impact of your verbal and non-verbal communication. 

Sodalite is known to drive those that wear it to seek truth, honesty, and wisdom.

If you have been experiencing difficulty with communicating clearly, you may feel as if you haven't been truly connecting with the people around you. 

The properties of Sodalite will help you to clear your Throat Chakra so that you can communicate from a place of truthfulness and speak your truth without fear.

Your ability to express yourself is so important in many aspects of your life. With the energy of Sodalite you will find yourself able to project ideas, realize your purpose, and speak intuitively.


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How to Clear your Throat Chakra with Sodalite


When there is a blockage of the Throat Chakra you may find that your voice just isn't being heard. Your messages may be getting lost in translation, or you might just feel like everyone else's voices are constantly drowning you out.

You can bring your Throat Chakra back into alignment by using a Throat Chakra crystal such as Sodalite.


Clear Your Throat Chakra with Sodalite:


1. Cleanse your Sodalite crystal either with sage or a salt bath.

2. Lay down in a comfortable area.

3. Place your Sodalite crystal over top of your Throat Chakra (just at the base of your throat).  

4. Hum or use the Pranayama breathing technique to vibrate the vocal chords. 

5. Allow the energy of the Sodalite crystal to seep down into your Throat Chakra. 

Repeat this practice as often as you need to.


Healing Properties of Sodalite:

- Intuition

- Communication

- Objectivity

- Dream Work

- Deep Thinking

- Creativity

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