Love: 5 Crystals for Relationships

Love: 5 Crystals for Relationships

Relationships can be incredibly complex. Whether its a romantic relationship, your family or friends, or the relationship you have with yourself, many of us could be doing better! One of the best ways to use crystals is as a manifestation or intention setting tool. Here are 5 crystals that you can use to shift your energy and increase your successful relationship vibes!


Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Tumbled Stones


Rose Quartz is the universal crystal of love, so it’s no surprise that it’s pretty good at attracting love energy. When you’re looking to find a new partner, you really do attract what you put out into the universe. Do yourself a favor and start with a clean slate. Heal your relationship with yourself and do some internal work before you go seeking your next love interest.

Rose Quartz helps you to heal emotional wounds, which may have been preventing you from finding or holding on to relationships in the past. Rose Quartz will clear any blockages from your heart chakra, allowing you to be more open to the possibility of finding love.

Keep Rose Quartz on you when you’re running errands, at the gym, or out to dinner with friends. You never know who just might end up walking into your life. 



Rhodonite Tumbled Crystals


Rhodonite helps protect our relationships from, well, ourselves. There are certain behaviours such as jealousy, anxiety, self-destruction, and resentment, which can become recurrent and cause relationships to fail.

Rhodonite is really good at helping to break patterns of bad behaviour, and it is also a crystal deeply associated with forgiveness. Rhodonite is also known to stimulate circulation and self-confidence, making it well known as a crystal that increases sensuality. Rhodonite is a good crystal to have in your collection if you want to unlock your inhibitions and take your passionate side out for a test drive.



Emerald Tumbled Crystals

Emerald is a great stone to use when searching for love. This crystal is all about abundance! Emerald is known as the crystal of wealth and prosperity, but that isn’t just limited to money. Emerald has an energy that attracts more of whatever it is that you are looking for.

Just make sure that you’re specific about what you’re looking for when using Emerald in intention setting - or you might just end up with a whole lot of something you weren’t really looking for.

Emerald helps to attract new romantic love interests, but it can also spark up old flames. Even if it’s an old love that you’re revisiting, just know that Emerald is a crystal that is associated with contentment, loyalty, and vitality. Now might be the right time for that old relationship to work out!


Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Tumbled Crystals


Green Aventurine is the crystal of opportunity! The perfect person for you is out there somewhere, and this crystal might just help you find them. Green Aventurine helps you to stay motivated and optimistic, even when dating gets hard (which is basically all of the time).

When you do find that person, your love life will still likely have its challenges. It can be very difficult to integrate someone into your life on a full time basis, but Green Aventurine helps you to overcome obstacles and balance the energy between you and your partner. If you do find yourself losing your patience with your partner, Green Aventurine can help to reduce your stress and minimize levels of frustration, anger, and irritation.



Gold Tigerseye Crystals


Gold Tigerseye is another stone that helps partners achieve balance.  It’s so important to figure out what you’re looking for in a partner, and it's equally important to have the courage to go after it. It can be difficult to have a good attitude towards dating (especially if you've been burned in the past), but Gold Tigerseye will help you maintain a positive outlook.

Love can come with blinders, but Gold Tigerseye will help you see whether someone is actually as great as they seem. Gold Tigerseye brings clarity to what your true desires are, helping you to figure out whether it's actually love, or if it's just lust that's dug its claws into your heart!

Try all 5 together or start to work with one energy at a time. There is no wrong way to harness crystal energy!