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Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Heart, Crown

Birthstone: May


Emerald Properties & Meaning

What is the Meaning of Emerald?

Intro to Emerald

Emerald is a crystal associated with personal growth, prosperity, and abundance. Emerald has long been a symbol of wealth and financial prosperity, having been sought after by kings and queens from many different civilizations.

Emerald can appear in many different forms. Commonly recognized as a deeply hued precious gemstone, Emerald can actually vary from an opaque grey-green mineral to the jewel toned translucent gemstone we all know - depending on the  quality of the stone that is.

Emerald - Rough Crystal

The properties of Emerald align it with attracting wealth and opportunity, not only of the financial variety but also in many other aspects of life.

Emerald is a crystal that inspires you to think up new and innovative ways to make money, such as ideas for new business ventures or creative ways to reinvent your current ones. 

Emerald is also a crystal that is associated with increasing your love energy, and is aligned with the Heart Chakra as a whole. Those that seek abundance in their romantic life can call on the properties of Emerald to help them find love.


Mineralogy of Emerald

Crystal System: Hexagonal
Manner of Formation: Primary, secondary, or tertiary
Mineral Class: ring silicates - beryl family
Colour: pale grey-green to rich emerald green
Chemical Formula: Be₃Al₂[Si₆O₁₈] + K, Li, Na, Cr, V
Mohs Hardness: 7-8


When to Use Emerald Crystals


Emerald for Prosperity and Abundance

Use Emerald crystals when you are manifesting abundance and prosperity.

If you are down on your luck and feel like you've found yourself in a rut that you just can't get out of, Emerald is the crystal that you need to be working with.

Working with the prosperous energy of Emerald will have you well on the way to the abundant life of your dreams. 

The properties of Emerald are useful when you are hoping for improvements to your financial situation, for a promotion at work, or for help discovering new business opportunities.


Opening Your Heart Chakra with Emerald

Emerald is one of the best crystals to use when working on opening your Heart Chakra. Because Emerald promotes truth and honesty, it will always help guide you towards those that see and accept you for who you truly are. 

Emerald can encourage the Heart Chakra to open and allow you to speak your truth, this will be especially true when you are communicating your truth to those that you care the most for.


How to Use Emerald Crystals

You can use Emerald crystals in any way that fits your personal crystal energy or crystal healing practices, but here are some ways that you can work with the energy of Emerald crystals.


Money Rituals and Spells

Emerald is a great crystal to use when you are doing a spell or ritual to call in financial wealth. Emerald can be used with other energy or spell work tools to create a powerful energy that attracts money, wealth, and financial security. You can either craft your own money ritual or spell, or check out our ritual for increased wealth.


Emerald as a Talisman

Keep an Emerald in your pocket or wallet to act as a talisman for abundance and wealth, love, or even honesty. Set your intentions with your Emerald crystal - be specific about what your goal for your Emerald talisman is. 

If you are walking into a situation that could have financial outcomes, keep your Emerald close to you.

Ask your Emerald to help guide you towards a positive outcome. 


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Benefits of Emerald:

- Abundance
- Personal Growth
- Love
- Prosperity
- Truth
- Financial Wealth


Healing Properties of Emerald Crystals

Emerald has diverse healing properties. The healing properties of Emerald are said to help strengthen the immune system and aid those that are recovering from infectious diseases. Emerald is also often associated with the heart and liver, as well as with relieving inflammation of the sinuses and respiratory tract. 

Emerald is often associated with helping relieve the symptoms of these conditions: asthma, anemia, cancer, colic, dermatological disorders, epilepsy, high blood pressure, vomiting, and indigestion.


Using crystals and practicing crystal healing is not a replacement for medical advice from a certified medical profession, nor is it intended to be. Seek medical advice from a medical professional, and follow all medical advice as directed by a professional. 


Tips for Working with Emerald

  • Keep Emerald near other money in order to attract an abundance of wealth.
  • When using your Emerald for spell or ritual work, make sure to cleanse it often in order to keep your intentions pure.
  • Use Emerald when you need help communicating with those that have deceived you in the past.
  • Always remember to set your intentions when using your Emerald crystal.


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Meaning and Properties of Emerald  

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