Origin: Russia

Chakra: Root



Intro to Shungite

Shungite is a very powerful (and very, very old) crystal. Shungite is known for its detoxification properties as well as its ability to amplify healing energy. Shungite is often called an ancient healing stone, and it promotes general good health. 

Shungite - Tumbled Crystals

Shungite is known to conduct electricity, which aids it in inhibiting EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields), helping you to protect yourself and your space from the effects of the invisible energy emanating from your electronic devices.

If you want to maximize the clarifying potential of Shungite, consider pairing it with a piece of Selenite. Both of these cleansing crystals are powerhouse crystals, making this combination perfect for those who practice large amounts of energy work, and require energy clearing. 

Shungite, as a Root Chakra crystal, is naturally considered to be a grounding crystal. Grounding crystals are used to help you to find and maintain balance in all things - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Where Does Shungite Come From? 

Currently the only known accessible deposit of Shungite is in the Karelia region of Russia. 


Benefits of Shungite:

△ Grounding

△ Protection △ Inhibits EMFs 

△ Detoxification △ Rejuvenation 

△ Healing


Tips for Working with Shungite

  • Keep a piece of Shungite near any EMF emitting device such as a WiFi router, computer, anything that connects using Bluetooth, or even your cellphone
  • Some people are sensitive to the energy that Shungite produces, if this is the case consider keeping Shungite outside of the bedroom as it may disrupt your sleep!
  • Run a piece of Shungite over your body when you have been in areas that have high EMF exposure, such as after being in an airport/flying on an airplane, and hospitals or medical clinics.

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