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Sunstone Properties & Meaning



Origin: India

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral


What is the Meaning of Sunstone?

Intro to Sunstone

Sunstone is a great crystal for those who are career driven. This crystal has a powerful ability to brighten and strengthen the energy of those who choose to hold it. Sunstone will help alleviate any fear relating to failure or unworthiness, clearing the way for it's optimistic and enthusiastic energy. Sunstone empowers you to find your voice and take charge of situations, excellent qualities for building your career!

When to Use Sunstone Crystals

Life can be full of all kinds of ups and downs. There may be times when you finally begin to feel the burnout of a fast paced life and things that you were previously passionate about just don't bring you as much joy as they previously did. 

Sunstone - Palmstone

Sunstone is a great crystal to use when you find yourself needing that extra energy boost. When you find yourself lacking in motivation or strength, Sunstone can give you a hand in revitalizing your energy and helping you to find new ways to recharge. 

Those who actively practice manifestation may find Sunstone to be an especially helpful crystal to use because of the optimistic nature of its energy. 

How to Use Sunstone

The Law of Attraction states that positive thoughts and energy attracts positivity, so be intentional in what kind of energy you are asking to receive from your Sunstone crystal. 

Keep a Sunstone tumbled stone in your pocket when you are looking to make any sort of career advancements. Whether it is a job interview, you're pitching a new idea, or a meeting where you're asking to be considered for a promotion or increase in pay, Sunstone will help instill you with confidence and luck. 

Use Sunstone when you are working on your Solar Plexus or Sacral Chakras by placing your Sunstone crystal over either of these chakra points and visualize your chakras opening and allowing the energy of the stone to enter.


Mineralogy of Sunstone

Crystal System: Triclinic 
Manner of Formation: Primary
Mineral Class: Tectosilicates - feldspar family 
Colour: Glittering peach to copper red
Chemical Formula: Na [AlSi₃O₈] + Ca[Al₂Si₂O₈] +
Fe/Cu, K, Ba, Sr, Mn, Ti



Sunstone - Polished Points

Benefits of Sunstone:

△ Luck

△ Abundance 

△ Self-Empowerment

△ Optimism

△ Confidence 

△ Leadership


What Zodiac Sign is Sunstone Aligned With? 


Sunstone is the birthstone for those that are born under the Libra astrological sign. Sunstone crystals are said to be ruled in astrology by Libra, and so Sunstone is said to be aligned with the Libra zodiac sign.


Tips for Working with Sunstone

  • Keep your Sunstone crystals energy clear and charged by cleansing it often and allowing it to recharge in either sunlight or moonlight. 
  • Place a piece of Sunstone on your desk at work to help keep you motivated and engaged in the task at hand!
  • For those in creative professions, Sunstone can help get you "unstuck" when you find yourself in a creative rut. Look to Sunstone when you find yourself needing inspiration. 
  • Be sure to set intentions with your Sunstone crystal - ask for exactly what kind of energy you want back from it.

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