Halite Crystals - Muse + Moonstone

Halite (Rock Salt)

Stone of Purification

Origin: Greek
Chakra: All


Halite Properties & Meaning

What is the Meaning of Halite?

Intro to Halite Crystals

Halite crystals have the ability to cleanse all chakras, making it a great addition to your spiritual practice. Halite is excellent for detoxing the body, mind and soul. It is a strong purifier of energies and environments. It is highly recommended to incorporate Halite (such as Himalayan salt) in the creation of one’s personal meditation area or room.

Halite is often used to promote health and wellness; its detoxing abilities make it especially interesting for anyone who suffers from intestinal or metabolic health issues. And its purifying abilities make it useful for anyone with skin conditions or respiratory issues. For this reason, it is common to see salt lamps in various health minded business such as naturopaths, massage therapists, spas and yoga studios.

Many spas now offer dry salt therapy through the exposure of thousands of pounds of Halite particles that are released into the air. Allowing you to relax, meditate and breathe in the healing salt air. This sort of practice is thought to alleviate chronic health issues such as allergies, asthma, headaches, skin conditions, and arthritis.


Mineralogy of Halite

Crystal System: Cubic
Manner of Formation: Secondary
Mineral Class: Halogenides
Clear, White, Pink, Orange, Blue, Blue-Violet, Brown to Black
Chemical Formula: NaCl + K,F,Br,J


Halite in History

German mineralogist Ernst Friedrich Glocker named the halite crystal in 1847. Taking inspiration from the Greek word “hals”, meaning salt as well as using the French chemical salt suffix “ite”.

Halite crystals form in naturally occurring “brine”, an aqueous solution containing sodium chloride, therefore halite crystals usually form in parts of the world where the evaporation of seawater or salty lake water has occurred. Although the scientific process for the creation of Halite is simple, the amount of time needed for the creation of naturally occurring halite is immeasurable. For example, The Indian Punjab Salt Range originated more than 800 million years ago.


Pink Halite Crystals - Muse + Moonstone


Properties of Halite

Detoxification and Purification

Halite is almost predominantly used for cleansing. Whatever the color it will clear your auric energies, however different colors will focus on different areas of the physical or spiritual body.

White Halite crystals focus to purify and remove obstructions to the energy body.

Blue Halite crystals focus on the third-eye chakra and can guide you towards important self-realizations. It is recommended for deep spiritual mediation and can help unlock psychic abilities.

Purple Halite crystals focus to purify dreams in the sleeping and conscious world. Place Halite by your bed, or even under your pillow, if you suffer from nightmares. And place it by your workstation if you need help unlocking your waking dreams and ambitions.

Yellow Halite crystals focus on one’s physical fervor, and one’s immediate energy field. Yellow Halite is also a wonderful addition to your workstation since it can assist greatly in self-discipline and memory.

Red Halite crystals focus on the physical body and, to this end, is the most powerful cleanser. A must for anyone who is healing, especially from infection.

Pink Halite crystals focus on the heart chakra and help bring it back into alignment. It can help release you from grief and past traumas, and encourage healthy romantic relationships.


Benefits of Halite:

△ Purification
△ Cleansing
△ Psychic clearing
△ Relaxation
△ Alignment


When to Use Halite Crystals

Halite crystals are a great addition to any room in your home that would benefit from preventing the influence of negative energies. Use it on an altar, place it by your bedside, or as a decorative lamp in a shared space.

Since Halite is a natural healer, incorporate into your life if you have noticed an increase in health conditions, or if you are feeling particularly confused or plagued with doubt. Halite is safe to continue to use while pregnant.

For anyone looking to build healthier relationships, Pink Halite is recommended to help open the heart chakra up to love. Or if you are simply in need of self-love, this stone can offer clarity and peace since it has a very calming effect on strong emotions.

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