Autumn Crystal Edit

With Autumn well on it’s way, it’s time to give some thought about how you want to finish off the year. Autumn is always a time of self-reflection and a time to be grateful for the blessings that the year has already brought. One way we can honour our progress is to continue to grow in ourselves, and in our practice (whatever that may be for you!).
Those who harness the power of crystals to heal and promote shifts in energy know just how important it is to focus specific intentions. The more precise your intentions, the easier it is to manifest those energies. Autumn, being a time of harvest, is a good time to reap what energy you have spent the light seasons sowing. As the weather begins to cool, we must prepare not only ourselves but our spaces as well for the change in season.
Our Autumn edit is a collection of crystals that will help you manifest energies that are specific to the season, but versatile for use all year long! Each stone represents a different attribute that can be made useful this time of year.


Bloodstone  can help reduce impatience and irritability, which can come on strong after suddenly being couped up indoors as daylight hours begin to decrease. Bloodstone is especially known for it’s grounding and calming abilities.


Carnelian helps get your blood moving. Carnelian is well known for its ability to increase blood circulation. As the days grow colder, Carnelian can help keep you in good health as it also promotes the health of major organs and physical energy.


Obsidian is for connecting with the Earth. As Autumn is traditionally a time of harvest, it is also a great time for appreciating your deep connection with the Earth. Obsidian is a powerful grounding crystal that opens up your Root Chakra to help clear away negative emotions. We become prone to emotions such as isolation, procrastination, and anxiety as sunlight hours wane, and Obsidian can help keep these emotions at bay.

Gold Tigerseye

Gold Tigerseye for self-empowerment and productivity. Gold Tigerseye will help keep you out of any post-summer energy rut. It may feel like you spent all your energy over the light months, but you still have work to do! and Gold Tigerseye is especially helpful for thinking up and manifesting new ideas.


Citrine  can help encourage positivity. Citrine is a piece of sunshine here on Earth, and will surround you in light energy. Strong protective energies from Citrine will help guard against depression and keep your sacred space full of happy, sun-soaked energy.