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The Crystal of Atlantis

Origin: Dominican Republic

Chakra: Throat Chakra


Larimar Properties & Meaning


What is the Meaning of Larimar?

Intro to Larimar Crystals

Larimar is a stunning healing crystal of the lightest blue colour – reminiscent of the beautiful Caribbean ocean waters from which this stone emerges as well as the lost continent of Atlantis.

When you hold a Larimar crystal it is difficult not to imagine yourself relaxing on a sandy beach with the glittering ocean water kissing your toes. As you can imagine - this crystal is all about relaxation and it’s calm, soothing energy will bring you the tranquility you seek.

Larimar is especially prized for its rarity, as it is only found in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is known as the stone of Atlantis, and it can be used to channel the energy and wisdom of ancient Atlanteans. The rarity of Larimar makes it just that much more mysterious – is it all that remains of the ancient civilization?

Use Larimar crystals to connect with your Divine Feminine energy – just as this crystal is wise to the ebb and flow cycle of the ocean and its tide, it can help you to navigate the ebb and flow of your cycle.


Physical Properties of Larimar:

Larimar is a variety of pectolite, a mineral that forms in cavities and cracks of basaltic lava. Larimar typically occurs in shades of blue, from light blue to deep blue-green. It is a soft stone, with a Mohs hardness rating of 4.5 to 5, which means it can scratch easily. Larimar is often cut and polished into cabochons, beads, and other shapes for use in jewelry.


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Spiritual Properties of Larimar

Larimar is believed to have a variety of metaphysical properties, including its ability to soothe and calm the emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance communication and self-expression. It is also believed to be a powerful healing stone that can help to balance the chakras, strengthen the immune system, and relieve pain.

Larimar crystals are associated with the Throat Chakra, which is the center of communication and self-expression. By wearing or using Larimar, one may experience greater clarity and ease in communicating their thoughts and feelings to others. It is also believed to help heal past traumas and release emotional blockages that may be hindering personal growth.

The stone is also associated with the element of water, and it is said to have a calming effect on the emotions, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It is often used in meditation or placed under a pillow to promote restful sleep.

Larimar is said to have a strong connection to the divine feminine and can help to awaken and enhance one's intuition and inner wisdom. It is also believed to promote self-love and self-care, encouraging individuals to prioritize their own well-being.


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Benefits of Larimar:

Ancient Atlantean Energy
Divine Feminine 
- Balance
- Communication
- Relaxation
- Wisdom



Using Larimar Crystals for the Throat Chakra


Larimar is a powerful crystal for working with the Throat Chakra, which is the energy center located in the neck area that governs communication, self-expression, and authenticity. Here are some ways to use Larimar crystals for throat chakra work:

When working with Larimar for Throat Chakra healing, it's important to set your intention and focus on clearing any blockages your Throat Chakra may have.

Take deep breaths and visualize the energy flowing freely through your throat, promoting clear communication and self-expression.

With consistent use, Larimar crystals can help to promote healing and balance in your Throat Chakra, allowing you to express yourself with clarity and confidence.


Larimar Tumbled Stones - Muse + Moonstone


Creating a Crystal Grid with Larimar

You can also incorporate Larimar into a crystal grid for Throat Chakra healing. 

Creating a crystal grid using Larimar crystals can be useful for working with the Throat Chakra because it can help to amplify the healing energy of the stone while promoting balance and alignment.

Place your Larimar crystal at the center of the grid and surround it with other Throat Chakra stones, such as Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, or Sodalite.

A crystal grid is a layout of multiple crystals arranged in a specific pattern for a specific purpose. The combined energy of the crystals in the grid works together to enhance the overall intention and focus of the grid.


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