The Meaning of Moonstone



Origin: India

Chakra: Heart, Crown


Moonstone Properties & Meaning


What are the Benefits of Moonstone?


The Meaning of Moonstone 

Mesmerizing and sacred, Moonstone is most known for amplifying the healing powers of the moon. With its cycles and illuminating glow, the moon is said to be the embodiment of divine feminine energy, and therefore, Moonstone too can channel this power. Moonstone is also well known for promoting clarity, easing anxiety, and even assisting clairvoyants in thinning the veil between our world and the spiritual realm.

Rainbow Moonstone Moonstone can help you clarify your thoughts and ease restlessness. It’s also said to be nurturing and sensual like the divine goddess power it emulates. Keeping Moonstone nearby can help soothe turbulent thoughts, and quell anxiety, ushering in a tranquil feeling of peace and balance.

If you are someone that looks to connect with spirit, then this stone may help you make contact with other realms as well as offer protection when doing so.

By channeling divine feminine energy from the all-powerful moon itself, it’s no surprise that using Moonstone during a full moon will give it the greatest powers.


Intro to Moonstone


Moonstone is a type of feldspar mineral that has a pearly or opalescent sheen, known as adularescence, caused by light reflecting from within the crystal's structure. It is often used as a gemstone in jewelry, and its name is derived from its resemblance to the pale, iridescent glow of the moon.


Adularescence in Moonstone 

Adularescence is a term used to describe the optical phenomenon that gives Moonstone its characteristic shimmering or floating light effect. It is caused by the interference of light as it enters the crystal and is scattered by the thin, alternating layers of two different types of feldspar minerals within the crystal.

This interference produces a glow that appears to move, or "flash", across the surface of the stone as it is rotated, often described as a milky or opalescent sheen that changes with the angle of observation.

Adularescence is named after Mount Adular in Switzerland, where the first deposits of Moonstone are thought to have been discovered.


Moonstone Crystals in Mythology


The history of Moonstone crystals dates back centuries, with many different cultures associating spiritual or mystical properties to the stone.

In ancient Rome, Moonstone was believed to be formed from the light of the moon, and was often associated with the goddess Diana and with the moon's cycles.

In Hindu mythology, Moonstone was considered a sacred stone, and was believed to be formed from moonbeams. The stone was associated with the god of the moon, Chandra, and was thought to bring good fortune and protect against evil.


When to Use Moonstone Crystals


Whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision or going through what feels like an emotionally dark tunnel, Moonstone will help light the way with its clarifying and calming features. Moonstone can also help you channel your raw divine feminine power for when you need to feel bold, confident, and simply divine. Essentially, using Moonstone whenever you feel anxious and uneasy will help you find confidence and certainty to deal with whatever lies in your life’s path.


How to Use Moonstone Healing Crystals


The power of Moonstone crystals can be tapped into using a variety of methods. Whether you have raw, natural stones or smooth polished orbs, this crystal’s power will always be present when you need it most. Moonstone Ring

Due to its stunning iridescence, many love to sport Moonstone jewelry such as rings and necklaces—perfect for holding its power close to your heart.

If you want to experience vision-like dreams and more peaceful sleep, place the Moonstone on your bedside table or under your pillow.

When drawing energy from the crystal, make sure to keep your mind and heart open to the divine feminine and imagine basking in the silver light of the moon.


 Moonstone - Tumbled StonesMoonstone Polished Points


Benefits of Moonstone:

△ Soothes Anxiety

△Supports Decision Making

△ Divine Feminine Energy

△Boosts Intuition

△ Stimulates the Mind

△ Offers Protection


Tips for Working with Moonstone Crystals:


  • Stashing Moonstone under the mattress beneath the heart is said to balance and/or amplify your divine feminine energy as well as soothe frazzled nerves.
  • Meditate with Moonstone to gain more clarity about life’s puzzles and to go deeper within.
  • When working with this stone, focus on the Crown Chakra to help channel the universe’s infinite wisdom and encourage a deeper connection with spirit.
  • Wear a Moonstone necklace near the heart to nurture your emotions and provide clarity during important decisions making situations.
  • It is recommended you cleanse Moonstone often, to maintain its clarity. Simply rinse in running water and recharge in the light of the full moon.


Moonstone Palmstone

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