5 Best Crystals For Manifestation

Crystals for Manifestation


If you are looking to use crystals as a tool to help you manifest, look no further - here are the 5 best crystals to use for manifestation.


1. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier, which makes it a natural choice to use when manifesting with crystals. The energy of Clear Quartz helps to bring clarity, strength, and healing to all who work with it. Manifestation begins in the mind, and Clear Quartz is a crystal that is associated with clearing away any negative thoughts.

Use Clear Quartz to help you lock in all your dreams and positive affirmations. 


2. Pyrite

Many people might associate Pyrite only with attributes relating to prosperity, luck, and ambition, however Pyrite is also a crystal that is associated with commitment, perseverance and protection. When you are manifesting a new future, you better be in it for the long haul! Perseverance and commitment is what makes manifestation work.

Use Pyrite to help you stay committed to your goals, even when they seem out of reach.


3. Green Aventurine

When you think about your manifestation practice, what is the hardest part of getting started? Figuring out what exactly it is that you'd like to manifest. Green Aventurine is a crystal associated with decision making and personal growth. Allow Green Aventurine to help guide you towards discovering which goals are up next on your manifestation to-do list.

Use Green Aventurine to help you come up with a manifestation plan.


4. Citrine

Citrine is one of a handful of crystals that we call super attractors. Citrine is a crystal that will help you attract all kinds of positive energy and abundance.

We use Citrine as part of our manifestation practice because of its ability to empower, motivate and energize every part of our lives! Manifestation is all about the amount of energy we put out into the universe, and Citrine ensures that we have copious amounts of energy to put out there!

Use Citrine to help you create an energetic force to empower your manifestation.


5. Gold Tigerseye

Productivity, power, and balance are all amazing properties of Gold Tigerseye. When you begin to manifest, you may feel like your power and energy are overdrawn. Gold Tigerseye is a crystal that can help you stay productive, while also helping you remain balanced. The burn out can be real, so Gold Tigerseye can be a crucial crystal for you to avoid reaching the point of exhaustion when your energy is depleted.

Use Gold Tigerseye to help you achieve balance in your manifestation.