Top 10 Crystals & Stones for Communication

Top 10 Crystals & Stone for Communication


Which Crystals and Stones are the Best for Communication?


These 10 crystals and stones are helpful in all aspects of communication. Though the Throat Chakra guides most areas of communication, occasionally the Third Eye Chakra or Heart Chakra are required to work in sync to allow communication to flow smoothly.

Each crystal has been specially selected for the crystal energy healing properties that aid in communication. 

Each crystal affirmation offers you an idea for working with crystals to benefit communication.


Top 10 Crystals & Stones For Communication



Dumortierite crystals can activate intellectual and stimulating conversation, inspire creative composition, and help you to keep your thoughts organized as you speak. Dumortierite is one of the best crystals for improving your memory, and it will also encourage the development of patience and calmness.

Dumortierite is also said to be a crystal that inspires precision, organization, and methodical thought patterns to help you make sense of a circumstance. 

Dumortierite Affirmation: I am capable of thought-provoking conversation that expresses my thoughts and opinions clearly.


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Amazonite is a crystal that is used to strengthen your ability to express emotions in a calm and efficient manner. Amazonite crystals are aligned with both the Throat Chakra and Heart Chakra. The power of Amazonite allows it to benefit your ability to communicate your feelings and emotions.

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Working with Amazonite crystals will encourage genuine, compassionate communication to take place. The healing energy of Amazonite will inspire you to speak directly from the heart.

Amazonite Affirmation: I will speak my heart’s truth loudly for all to hear.


Blue Lace Agate


Blue Lace Agate is a beautiful variety of the Agate crystal family. Blue Lace Agate crystals are well known for their ability to bring calm to fiery situations. This crystal is especially helpful for cooling tempers during arguments, bringing stability and peace so that both parties can come together and communicate effectively.

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The light blue color of Blue Lace Agate helps to calm the central nervous system – making it a great crystal for public speaking and those who experience anxiety surrounding it.

Blue Lace Agate Affirmation:   I can calm myself down and communicate from a place of unity.





Aquamarine crystals have always been a symbol for the element of water. Empowered by the cleansing of the element of water, Aquamarine stones promote clarity, understanding, and wisdom to those that work with them.

Clarity and wisdom are two of the most important aspects of becoming a good communicator.  The healing energy of Aquamarine crystals will also encourage communication that is free from judgment, discrimination, or aggression.

Aquamarine Affirmation: I will allow soft words to flow through me and into the universe for the greater good.


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The energy of Sodalite helps to increase the quality of verbal communication by opening the Throat Chakra. Sodalite crystals are known to break down barriers for those that are having trouble communicating by elevating objectivity and reasoning.

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Working with the power of Sodalite healing crystals is an easy way to ensure that those around you are being honest and trustworthy, and communicating with you from a place of reliability.

Sodalite Affirmation:  I can rely on the trustworthiness of what those around me are saying.  



The energy of Chrysocolla crystals aid communication in a very special way. The properties of Chrysocolla such as encouragement, empowerment, and supportiveness, allow Chrysocolla to be an extremely helpful crystal for those that are holding space for others.

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Holding space for others to speak their truth, find understanding, and be welcomed with open minds, hearts, and arms, is the healing power of Chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla Affirmation: I can help create a safe space for those that need to communicate their truth.



Blue Apatite


The healing energy of Blue Apatite stones brings help to those that communicate using the arts. Artists, writers, and all other creative types can benefit from using Blue Apatite. This crystal will help you break through any creative blocks you may have been struggling to push passed.

Blue Apatite crystals will assist in clearing negative energy, apathy, and confusion that may be the cause of breakdowns in communication or misunderstandings.

Blue Apatite Affirmation: I have the ability to work passed any blockage to have my voice heard.


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Angelite crystals are amongst the best crystals for connecting with Spirit. Using an Angelite crystal will help you to communicate with your spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels, and loved ones who have passed through the Veil to the Spirit world.

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The energy of Angelite crystals also makes it a great crystal to use for channeling, or any other type of mediumship work. Angelite stones will imbue all communication with a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Angelite Affirmation: I can always call on my guides and guardian angels for their help and guidance.


Lapis Lazuli


For centuries Lapis Lazuli has been relied on as a crystal of divine communication. The power of Lapis Lazuli is in its celestial alignment. Leaders of ancient civilizations prized Lapis Lazuli for its ability to open the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Throat Chakra to allow communication with their gods.

In modern day, Lapis Lazuli crystals are also prized for their ability to bring honesty and truthful communication to all those that work with it.

Lapis Lazuli Affirmation: I feel connected and in alignment with my higher power


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Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is one of the best crystals to use for overcoming disagreements. The healing energy of Blue Kyanite helps to create connections between two people that have been at odds with each other.

Blue Kyanite Crystals - Muse + Moonstone

Calming, soothing, and reassuring, Blue Kyanite crystals will help to douse the raging fire of anger so that amends can be made. Working with energy of Blue Kyanite can benefit those that lack stability or balance in their relationships.   

Blue Kyanite Affirmation: I will look passed anger in pursuit of reparations.


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