Lapis Lazuli: The Crystal of Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli - The Crystal of Wisdom

Lapis Lazuli: The Crystal of Wisdom

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Goddess: Athena, Hera, Aphrodite, Venus, Inanna (Sumerian), Nuit (Egyptian), Danu/Danna (Celtic)

Element: Water

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that is best known for its wise, older than Earth energy. Aligned with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Lapis Lazuli is used to help activate and stimulate the higher mind, as well as to unlock your intellectual and intuitive abilities.


Lapis Lazuli


The properties of Lapis Lazuli make this crystal especially helpful for communicating your truth as it helps you to gain perspective, compassion, and self-awareness. Lapis Lazuli encourages honesty of your soul and will motivate you to share your truth with the world.

You can draw on Lapis Lazuli’s energy to give yourself strength and power when communicating, especially when these messages are difficult. This is a crystal that will bring you harmony and see you through even the darkest times in your life.


Lapisz Lazuli - Tumbleld


Try this:

Holding your Lapis Lazuli crystal, close your eyes and envision yourself turning a key to unlock a door in your mind. What messages have been waiting behind that locked door? What are the first thoughts that pop into your mind? Write any messages and symbols down. 


Lapis Lazuli is the Crystal of Wisdom, honour, royalty, gods and Spirit. The rich blue colour and gold Pyrite flecks of this stone represent the celestial body and all things heavenly, and has made this stone one of the most prized treasures in history. In Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was often worn by priests for its ability to attract Spirit.


Lapis Lazuli - Rough


Lapis Lazuli is associated with disorders of the head and throat such as migraines, laryngitis, insomnia, and issues relating to the thyroid. Lapis Lazuli also has the ability to reduce inflammation and muscle pain. This crystal can have a calming effect on those with Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD.