Manifestation Crystal Series with Vika Bradford - Week #7 - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the seventh crystal in the Manifestation Crystal Series by Vika Bradford. Last week we worked with Carnelian, read more about it here. Vika Bradford is Mindset Coach located in the Okanagan, BC, who focuses on discovery, manifestation and healing. Find out more about Vika, and her work at 


Wisdom, Self Awareness, and Success

In our 8 week Manifestation and Crystal Magic series we’ve discussed the power Abundant Citrine to prosperity and action driven Pyrite. Moving to balanced Howlite, and over to heart healing Rhodonite. The stability building Aragonite led us over to the fiery Carnelian. And here we land, on the soft and nurturing energies of Lapis Lazuli this week.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom and good judgment. Everything one needs to begin to understand what they truly want in this life. Using this stone to access your internal wisdom will allow you to deeply understand what makes you tick, and how to manifest in a way that works for you. Manifestation cannot work unless you do. You are the creator of your universe and must understand your internal truths to create your own magic. 

This stone is all about your connection to your higher self. It is in the connection to the higher self that you will begin to discover what you truly want, and how to live your life in authentic alignment with those desires. Here, in connection to the higher self, you can begin to trust your intuition and live by its guiding nudges, rather than listening to the ego.

Lapis Lazuli offers a desire for knowledge, truth, and understanding. This makes it the perfect partner for your Manifesting as the need to understand how Manifestation works, how you can better discover your truth and understand yourself on a deeper level will be heightened with the crystals energies. To Manifest at an optimal level, you must begin to heal your internal wounds, clear out the baggage and practice forgiveness. Lapis Lazuli will shed light on the areas that need work, while still illuminating your growth and offer new desires at every turn.


Lapis Lazuli


This is a stone of harmony for you and those around you. Lucky it is, as stepping up your Manifestation game will always offer strain on relationships with people who no longer understand you and what you’re attempting to achieve through your own personal alchemy. Manifestation can offer a sense of chaos, as the universe untangles your old life to make room for your new one. The harmony Lapis Lazuli will offer will aid in smoothing over this transitory time. 

Much like the other stones I have selected for major Manifestation, Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that demands and attracts success. There’s no playing around when it comes to the brilliant blue night's skies this stone mimics. Luck is on the way, as it attracts success right to you like a beacon making it perfect for working with your goals and desires. 

Lapis Lazuli will deepen your self-awareness, self-acceptance,  and self-expression while encouraging you not to hold anything back. Manifestation works on when you are fully in alignment with your thoughts and desires. Stepping into alignment with what you desire takes a full understanding of who you are and what you truly want (not what society wants you to want.) Allow the energies of this crystal to enhance your connection to who you truly are, and allow your manifestations to excel.

A stone for the Third Eye and Throat Chakra, Lapis will allow your visualizations to be enhanced through images, symbols, and foresight. All the while, it will allow you to open up your communication. This will allow you to more accurately voice and ask for what you truly desire.

Ways to Work with Lapis Lazuli:

Third Eye Visualization:  When Manifesting is important to visualize your desires as often as possible. Visualizing your desires coming into fruition daily is the most powerful practice. When you practice this visualization of all you desire, grab your Lapis Lazuli and place in on your third eye while laying down to heighten your Manifestation. Your third eye is the home of your intuition and a direct link into what you see in your mind becoming materialized. In terms of quantum physics, what you desire is already in existence. By using Lapis Lazuli you can align your energies much faster to step into the vibration of your desire. 

Higher Self Connection: There are two voices very distinct in your head, even if you’re unaware of this. One being your higher self, all-knowing, and always right. The other is your ego, who knows nothing more than fear and wants to protect you from harm. Your ego does not want you to grow, because growth is uncomfortable and to the subconscious mind feels unsafe. Lapis Lazuli will help you tune in to understand which voice is which. When you begin to listen to your higher self, life begins to flow and Manifestations come into your material world much faster. This is because you are acting in alignment with your highest self or source. To know the difference, work with your Lapis Lazuli asking yourself questions. Your higher self will always come from a place of love, forgiveness, and understanding. It will always feel good in the body and will be a “hell yes” on the ‘what do I do’ scale. Your ego will always feed your fears, tell you-you're not good enough and come from a place of negativity. The egos choices will always feel wrong within the body. Pay attention as Lapis will heighten this connection.


Lapis Lazuli + Rhodonite Cocktail: Pair Lapis Lazuli with Rhodonite for extra self-love, and self-awareness punch. When you’re feeling a little lost, and like you need some extra self-love carry this pair together on you to heighten your awareness of where these feelings are coming from, so you can work through this mindset shift. A healthy understanding of what’s going on internally will allow you to understand what is Manifestation externally as well as provide you with the power for epic change.


Success Activation: Keep Lapis Lazuli near you when attending interviews or doing anything work or business related. Keep it on your desk, or just generally around you when chasing those dreams of success. Believe in its power of positive change and let it be the accelerator to your victories.


Lapis Lazuli was one of the very first stones I fell in love with. I became obsessed with the way it mimicked the night's sky, flecked with pyrite. It opened my third eye, my intuition like jasmine blooming in the night. Looking back, I have no doubt its one of the most powerful tools I’ve used to end up where I am today. You are not a victim of your circumstance. By better understanding the internal workings of your mind you can take your power back and begin to Manifest the life you so desire.


Vika Bradford


Until next time, Namaste friends. 

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