5 Healing Crystals for Fertility

5 Healing Crystals for Fertility


Want to find out which healing crystals & stones are the best for fertility?

Using crystals to encourage fertility can help those trying to conceive find hope, peace, and strength while they embark on their fertility journey. 

Here we have chosen the top 5 healing crystals for fertility based on each crystal's unique properties and energy.  


When to Use Crystals for Fertility

If you have been experiencing infertility, you know how it can be a devastating journey full of physical and emotional pain. 

You can use crystals for fertility whether you are experiencing infertility or have just begun your journey to expanding your family. 

Work with your fertility crystals all throughout the month but pay especially close attention to them during ovulation when the window for conception is open. 


Crystals for Fertility


Which Crystals Are the Best for Fertility?

Which crystals are the best to use for fertility? The best crystals for fertility are crystals aligned with the Heart Chakra, crystals that symbolize the Divine Feminine, Goddess energy, or mother's love, and crystals that represent healing of the womb and emotional trauma.


1. Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz: Love - Emotional Healing - Nurturing

Rose Quartz crystals are known for their powerful ability to heal emotional pain and trauma. Experiencing infertility can be a devastating and often painful time for everyone involved.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Working with Rose Quartz crystals can help soften the difficult emotions that surround infertility, while also bringing a sense of comfort to those who need it most.

Rose Quartz is a crystal aligned with the energy of the Mother. Allow the soft energy of Rose Quartz to heal any trauma of the womb and reproductive organs that may be contributing to infertility. 

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2. Pink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine: Goddess - Super Attractor - Fertility

Pink Aventurine is a crystal that is considered to represent the female body and feminine energy. Pink Aventurine is a super attractor crystal, which is a powerful tool to use when you are manifesting an increase in your fertility. Pink Aventurine encourages the the empowerment and strength of the female body.

Like many other crystals associated with the Goddess, Pink Aventurine is aligned with the Heart Chakra and Creation.

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Pink Aventurine Crystals



3. Pink Moonstone

Pink Moonstone: Intuition - Sensuality - Strength

Pink Moonstone is a crystal that promotes energy that we attribute to femininity such as healing, fertility, intuition and sensuality. 


Pink Moonstone Healing Crystals


Use the energy of Pink Moonstone crystals to guide you intuitively towards conceiving your bundle of joy. 

Pink Moonstone also represents Goddess energy. Call on the strength and power of the Goddess to help you persevere any infertility you may be experiencing.


4. Malachite

Malachite: Personal Growth - New Life - Emotional Healing

Many midwives look to Malachite crystals for their vibrant energy - so full of life, just like the new life that they will help to welcome.

Malachite Healing Crystals

Now that you have made the decision to bring new life into this world, work with the energy of Malachite to bring your manifestation into being.

Malachite is a Heart Chakra stone that is all about opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Bringing a new baby into this world is possible!



5. Unakite

Unakite:  Balance - Emotional SupportStrength

Unakite crystals are known to be helpful in balancing your heart and mind. Struggling with fertility can wreak havoc on all aspects of your being, heart, body, mind, soul, and spirit.

Unakite Crystals

Working with the energy of Unakite will help you to make insightful decisions that are likely to have positive results. 

Use Unakite crystals when you need to borrow strength to keep manifesting the best possible outcome.





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Note from the Author:

The use of crystals as a healing tool is not intended to be a replacement for, nor should it be used instead of seeking professional medical advice. All crystal properties listed are considered to be folklore and are not guaranteed or medically researched results. Continue to consult your medical provider as necessary for illness and injury.