5 Crystals to Start Your Collection


You see the girls on Instagram, and their collections of crystals are so impressive!

They post picture after picture of windowsills laden with crystals and minerals of all shapes and sizes, and you want that too!

You wish you had a collection of crystals just like theirs, but you get overwhelmed just looking at the different kinds!

There are so many crystals to choose from. Each one is as beautiful and unique as the next, so it is understandable that you might be feeling overwhelmed trying to decide how to begin your collection.

The most important part of starting your own crystal collection is to select stones that speak to you.

Here are some ideas for which stones to begin with:

Rose Quartz – Rose Quartz is an excellent beginner crystal because it brings out in us the qualities that tend to be neglected. Compassion, love, forgiveness and stress combating, Rose Quartz embodies the Divine Feminine energy of unconditional love. These qualities are necessary to begin healing the soul.

Quartz – Quartz is an excellent cleanser of energy, and is also one of the most common crystals. Known as the “Master Healer”, Quartz is an important stone to have in your collection and is one of the easiest crystals to get a hold of. The amplifying power of Quartz makes it an easy stone to work with, as it will pick up on energy from any surrounding stone.

Smokey Quartz – Smokey Quartz is a crystal that will purify negative energy and help ground you. Before you can bring good, positive energies into the fold, you first need to make room by removing the toxic. Smokey Quartz has a softer touch than some more advanced protection crystals such as Obsidian, which can often be too powerful for someone just starting out.

Amethyst – Amethyst is another stone that most crystal enthusiasts have in their collections. Amethyst is great for strengthening your intuition and connection with spirit, which makes it a stone widely used in mysticism. Amethyst also offers strong energy protection and powerful energy cleansing, which will help you maintain your peace of mind.

Citrine – Citrine is a powerful stone for manifestation. Those who are just starting their journey with crystal energy and healing will find that citrine will help them kick start their journey in a positive and powerful way. Citrine will have you getting your energies in check in no time as it also helps bring positivity into your life.

Just know that whichever stones you may select to start your journey, they are the right ones for you!