Manifestation: Using Crystals to Achieve Your Goals

We know that manifesting can be a powerful tool when used to bring our positive thoughts and desires to reality, but have you considered incorporating crystals into your manifestation practice?

Crystals can amplify energies and clear energetic blockages, which will create a desirable environment for your manifestations to evolve.

Each crystal has a unique vibration and frequency and choosing the right one for your specific manifestation can provide an enlightening response.


Manifesting Love

Whether you are hoping to achieve a deeper sense of self-love or you want to open yourself up to finding your soul mate, Rose Quartz is a valuable crystal energy to incorporate for this manifestation.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love and its healing vibrations is in alignment with your Heart Chakra. Keep Rose Quartz close to your heart, and your Heart Chakra will remain open and ready to receive love.


Rose Quartz


Manifesting Spirituality

As we continue to seek internal growth, our priorities begin to shift. Finding calmness, strengthening intuition and expanding the conscious mind are some of the ways we grow within ourselves and connect with our own spirituality. Crystal energy can support you in this transitionary phase.

Amethyst helps promote balance, peace of mind, and provides the perfect environment for spiritual enlightenment. Use this stone to clear negativity and positive vibes will enhance your manifestation.



Manifesting Creativity

Carnelian, often known as the “Artists Stone”, is the perfect crystal to incorporate into your practice to manifest more creativity, ambition, and passion. Carnelian can help you to evoke any hidden talents that may have been blocked or under-developed. The deep, sunset colour of Carnelian enhances your self esteem and confidence.

Place a Carnelian crystal on your desk to create a sacred space for creativity to flow.


Manifesting… Just About Anything

An amplifier of all things, Clear Quartz is a great addition for all your manifestations. Use Clear Quartz while meditating, brainstorming, or place it near your vision board for additional high vibrational energies.

Every person and crystal vibrates on a different level – feel free to incorporate whichever crystal feels right to you in the moment. Your intuition will always guide you towards the best crystal to help you get the job done.