0Pink Agate


Pink Agate

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Heart



Intro to Pink Agate

Pink Agate is a crystal known for its passionate and loving energy, as well as for its ability to neutralize anger and negative energy. 

Pink Agate can be used to increase confidence, courage and emotional strength. Pink Agate stokes fiery passion within, whether its a passionate relationship, or motivating you to work towards a specific goal.

The properties of Pink Agate make it a great crystal to use when you are looking to work with your Divine Feminine or Goddess energy. Goddesses are all about their glowing self-confidence, their ability to be passionate about life and love, and their nurturing nature. Pink Agate can help you to liberate your inner-Goddess and live your best life. 


Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Pink Agate:

△ Passion

△ Neutralizes Anger

△ Courage

△ Confidence

△ Love

△ Goddess Energy



Pink Agate

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