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White Agate - Tumbled

White Agate - Tumbled

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White Agate is a crystal that is very much associated with energy work, release, and balance.

There are moments in life where shedding begins to occur - sometimes this begins abruptly, but there is no need to be alarmed. You are beginning to enter a period of enormous growth. Lean in to this energy! White Agate can bring energy into your space that will support this growth by helping you to shed what no longer serves you.

The properties of White Agate can also be especially useful for those that experience anxiety, depression, and other mental challenges that you may require additional assistance with. Release of trauma can be brought about when you work with White Agate, which can form part of underlying issues leading to challenges of the mind. This is a crystal that is here solely to aid you in growth and release! 

White Agate is in alignment with the Crown Chakra, meaning that it is a great crystal to work with when you are seeking to open yourself up to spiritual connection, light work, and energy work.


Healing and Metaphysical Properties of White Agate:

△ Release

△ Balance

△ Energy Work

△ Mental Issues

△ Anxiety

△ Stability


Approximately: Medium 10g to 15g (1" to 1 1/2") in size.

Origin: Brazil

Chakra: Throat

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance

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