Ritual for Increased Wealth

Are you looking to increase your wealth or prosperity? Look no further as we teach you how to perform our Ritual for Increased Wealth. Take what you need from it, but also don't be afraid to change it up and make it your own!


Ritual for Increased Wealth 

How to Perform a Ritual Spell for Increased Wealth 


Materials Required:

- Paper
- Pen or Pencil
- 1 Green Ritual Candle
- 1 or more Emerald crystals (or other preferred crystals for prosperity)
- Lighter or matches



Step 1. On a slip of paper write an intention for your spell. This could be a specific amount of money you are looking to manifest into your life, or just a general increase in wealth.

Step 2. Decide on an affirmation relating to your intention. You will repeat this affirmation, so write it down if you have to!

Step 3. Flip your slip of paper, writing side down and place your Emerald crystal overtop of it. Keep your paper and Emerald somewhere where you are likely to see it often. 

Wealth Ritual Tools - Green Candle + Emerald

Step 4. Light a green candle (green represents prosperity) and let it burn as you repeat your affirmation. Picture in your mind's eye yourself experiencing the wealth you are looking to manifest.

Step 5. Repeat Step 4 every night for a fortnight. Setting the intentional energy every night will help your ritual spell take hold.

Step 6. On the last night of your increased wealth ritual/spell take the slip of paper out from under your Emerald crystal. Using what remains of the green candle, burn the slip of paper. Allow the candle to burn as far down as is safe. 

You can dispose of the paper ashes however it is in your practice to do so, but we prefer to bury them in soil as a symbol of growth.

You can repeat this ritual as often as you would like. Keeping the intention of wealth and prosperity in your minds eye will lead you to it.


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