Spirit: 7 Crystals for Connecting with Spirit

In this article we share our top 7 Crystals for Connecting with Spirit.

Each of these crystals represents a different aspect of using crystals as a tool to develop spiritual connection, and connection with loved ones that have passed over, guardian angels, arch angels, goddesses, and spirit guides.

Keep reading as we explain how each crystal on our list can benefit your spiritual practice.


7 Crystals for Connecting with Spirit

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7 Crystals for Connecting with Spirit


What Does it Mean to Connect with Spirit?

Everyone has a unique relationship with Spirit, and each one of us interacts with it in a different way. No two people will describe what Spirit means to them in the same way, and there are definitely no wrong answers.

For some people connecting with Spirit is the communication that they share with their ancestors, a Spirit guide, or maybe a deity or angel. For others, Spirit may take on the shape of a high vibrational energy guiding them on their journey. There are many different ways to interact with Spirit, and so many different practices that can be used to form a connection or channel it.

Choose a practice that you feel comfortable with or try something new and see what unfolds!

Discovering your connection with Spirit is much easier to do when your energetic vibration has been cleansed and your chakras are in balance. Try using different methods and tools to heighten your communication with Spirit. Amethyst, Labradorite, Celestite, Lapis Lazuli, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and Hematite are 7 crystals that can help you stay in alignment, creating and strengthening your bond with Spirit.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz can help you to clear the path of communication with Spirit. Bridging the gap between ourselves and the Spirit realm can be difficult, but it is necessary for any type of Spirit work to take place. When you’re trying to connect with your Spirit Guides or Angels, Clear Quartz can be used to amplify your energy to create a strong connection.

Clear Quartz will also help you to clear your chakras and unblock anything that might be preventing you from receiving messages from Spirit. When you do receive messages from Spirit they aren’t always straightforward or what we might expect; messages can come in a variety of forms such as symbols, dreams, or experienced idiosyncrasies which require deeper thought and interpretation. Clear Quartz can be used to gain perspective and encourage the openness necessary to embrace your Spiritual connection.



One of the most well-known Third Eye Chakra crystals, Amethyst embodies Spirit in the physical realm. Where Clear Quartz gives a voice to Spirit, Amethyst represents its mind. Opening up the Third Eye allows our true intuitive powers to come to the surface. Amethyst helps you to delve deep into discovering your Spirituality, opening the mind to new ideas and practices.

Amethyst is the ultimate crystal for stimulation and soothing, helping to release your anxiety and fear. The peaceful vibration of Amethyst will help you to relax, both your body and mind, lulling you into a deep meditative state. Amethyst acts as a divine conduit, allowing your mind to become a vessel for divine messages. Amethyst is also a crystal of trust; allow yourself to trust your deepening connection with Spirit and the messages which you will begin to receive.

Many people choose to sleep with Amethyst under their pillow, or close by on their nightstand. Amethyst’s tranquil energy encourages long N3 (Delta) and REM sleep cycles. This state is when all of our healing and dreaming takes place. Long periods of dreaming allow us to connect with the Spirit realm, communicate with our Spirit and angel guides, and uncover the deepest desires and truth of our soul.


Practice This:

Cleanse and charge whichever crystals help you to connect with Spirit. Find a quiet place to meditate. Hold your crystals in your hand and using your mind’s eye envision a pathway being cleared. Who is on the other side? Are you able to communicate with them? What messages do they have for you?



Celestite is the crystal of Angels. Celestite is a crystal that has a gentle, pure, and loving vibrational energy that envelopes you with peace and tranquility. Blue is the color of all things divine and heavenly, and Celestite crystals range anywhere from the most beautiful shades of light sky blue to mysterious shades of deep ocean blue. This crystal is associated with the Third Eye, Crown, and Throat chakras, making it a really helpful crystal to use while communicating with Spirit and Angels. Celestite brings you awareness of your surroundings, including the angels that may be present to help guard and guide you on your way.

Celestite is also the crystal of prophecy, and those who practice divination are especially drawn to this crystal. No one can know for certain what the future holds, but you can work with Spirit to get a glimpse of the possibilities! Using Celestite to help develop your connection with Spirit can increase your intuition and ability to forecast what may be in store for you (or your friends and family!) in the future.

Celestite is specifically known for promoting dream recall. Angels are known to communicate through dreams, and remembering these messages is incredibly important to your spiritual journey. Celestite is also very encouraging of intuitive abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience and allows these gifts to manifest.



Labradorite is a crystal of self-discovery and psychic ability. Labradorite is known for its labradoresence, or its “flash” (feldspar, or play of color), which transforms this crystal from a dull brown or grey color to the impressive rainbow of colors we see when the light hits it just right. Labradorite really is a symbol of transformation, and a good reminder to look past the surface and see the magic hidden within.

Just like the crystal, Labradorite helps you to see the magic hidden within yourself. This crystal will help you to develop your psychic abilities, especially those related to communication such as clairvoyance, divination, and accessing the Akashic Records. Labradorite is associated with the Universe and is motivating of those who use it to seek knowledge, raise their vibration and pursue thinking on a higher level. Labradorite has a highly tuned vibration that helps those who use its energy to move freely between the physical and Spirit realms.


Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz is a crystal of balance, strength, and stability. Smokey Quartz is used universally as a stone of protection because of its ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies. Any time we are working with Spirit, we open ourselves up to receiving energy of all kinds. You may not always be receiving the energy that you were seeking, so you must be hyper vigilante in protecting yourself.

Smokey Quartz is a Root Chakra crystal with very powerful cleansing abilities. The energy from Smoky Quartz is essential for cleansing your space, especially when you are doing energy or spirit work for others. Smokey Quartz will help you to release any extra energy or emotions that you may have picked up from others. If you are an empath, Smokey Quartz is your new best friend.

Those who struggle with blocking out the energy and emotions of others should keep Smokey Quartz on them at all times! Think of Smokey Quartz as an energy filter, keeping the bad out and only allowing high vibrational energy to come through.


Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of wisdom, honor, royalty, gods and Spirit itself. The rich, cobalt blue color and golden Pyrite flecks of this stone represent the celestial body and all things heavenly. There is no wonder this stone has been one of the most prized treasures in history! Its powerful healing energy was once reserved only for priests and royalty - a symbol of their power and connection to the gods.

In Ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Lapis Lazuli was often worn by priests for its ability to attract Spirit and light energy. Ancient Egyptians used Lapis Lazuli extensively to decorate the tombs of their Pharaohs as it is known to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms.

Lapis Lazuli activates the Third Eye Chakra and unlocks the Throat Chakra, allowing communication to flow freely with Spirit and connecting you to your Spirit guides and Angels. Lapis Lazuli is also able to aid you in developing your intuitive abilities. This crystal is often times used in past-life and memory retrieval work, due to its deep rooted connection with ancient civilizations and its ability to unlock the mind’s eye. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of truth, and will not allow you to close off or deny your truth, or your soul’s purpose.


Think About This:

Do you know who you might have been in a past life? Our past lives can affect how we perceive this world, and past life traumas may have become triggers for you in this life. Even the Ancient Egyptians believed in a form of re-incarnation! Call on your ancestors to help you discover how you can heal yourself of these past life traumas.



Hematite is a crystal known for its intense grounding energy as well as its ability to cleanse the Root Chakra. This is a crystal of intense detoxification and will release any toxic emotions you may have been holding on to. Toxic emotions can result in blockages of multiple Chakras and feelings of disconnection.

Disconnection between your body, mind, and soul hinders your ability to connect with Spirit. Disconnection can also make it difficult for you to feel secure in your path, and you may begin to feel helpless or lost. Hematite is able to absorb negative energy and wards off feelings of stress with its calming vibrations. Once your chakras have been unblocked, and your energy cleansed, you can begin to reconnect with Spirit.

Creating a strong connection with Spirit requires a clear mind, some patience and immense internal focus. Meditation is the best way to prepare your mind for Spirit work as it allows you to achieve a state of mental clarity, balance and awareness. Hematite is useful in meditation as it brings stability, a sense of calm, and helps you to focus your mind allowing you to reach a deep meditative state. Staying grounded in your Spiritual connection is tremendously important, and Hematite will help you to keep your feet planted firmly in the physical realm.


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