CRYSTAL HEALING – Choosing Your First Crystals

Unsure of where to start when it comes to crystals? Here are just a few basic points about crystal healing to start you off on your journey!




What is Crystal Healing?


Crystal healing is the use of crystals and their energy in order to raise your own energetic vibrations to achieve physical, spiritual and emotional well being.

Whether you place the crystals directly on your body, wear them as jewellery, or simply place them strategically throughout your space – there are so many benefits to working with crystal energy.


Benefits of Crystal Healing


Crystals can help stimulate your mind – allowing you to explore different aspects of your own self. Self discovery and growth can play a large role in healing all kinds of emotional wounds, and a positive mindset is known to help those struggling physically to heal faster!

The law of attraction states “Like always attracts like”, so when we surround ourselves with the pure, high energy crystals we are essentially setting up beacons of good energy.

The crystal energy acts just like a magnet, the vibrations of the crystals help to draw out and release negative energy and emotions and then begin to replace them with positive ones.  Different combinations of crystals can be used depending on the desired vibrations.


What is Crystal Energy?


Every single thing in the universe has its own energy.

Animals, plants, and minerals are all made up of atoms, and atoms are made up of electrons and neurons. Energy is exerted between the electrons and neurons in order to maintain the electrons orbit around the neuron. This exchange of energy is a reaction we may not be able to see with the naked eye, but the more energy we surround ourselves with the easier it is to feel.

Crystals are formed deep within the Earth, giving them their incredibly high vibrational energy and a strong connection with the elements and Mother Nature. Each crystal is aligned with one or more elements, making each one useful for specific types of healing.   




There are so many different crystals to choose from, so you might be asking yourself, which ones do I choose first?

Each crystal has its own history, meanings, healing properties and is associated with one or more chakras.

The most important part of choosing crystals to begin a practice of crystal healing and energy work is to select stones that speak to you. Think about which crystals you are immediately drawn to – that’s always a great place to start.

Here are some ideas for crystals that are easy to begin with:


Rose Quartz


Rose Quartz is an excellent beginner crystal because it brings out in us the qualities that tend to be neglected. Compassion, love, forgiveness and stress combating, Rose Quartz embodies the Divine Feminine energy of unconditional love. These qualities are necessary to begin healing body, spirit, and soul.


Clear Quartz


Quartz is the universal healing stone. Known as the “Master Healer”, Quartz is an important crystal to use in your practice and is one of the easiest crystals to get a hold of. The amplifying power of Quartz makes it an easy crystal to begin your energy work and crystal healing practice with, as it will magnify and cleanse the energy from other surrounding crystals.


Smokey Quartz 


Smokey Quartz is a crystal that will purify negative energy and help ground you. Before you can bring good, positive energies into the fold, you first need to make room by removing heavy, toxic energy that has been weighing you down. Smokey Quartz has a softer energy than some more advanced protection crystals such as Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline, which can often be overwhelming to someone just beginning to work with crystals.




Amethyst is another stone that most crystal enthusiasts have in their collections. Amethyst is great for strengthening your intuition and connection with spirit, which makes it a stone widely used in mysticism. Amethyst also offers strong energy protection and powerful energy cleansing, which will help you maintain your peace of mind.




Citrine is a powerful stone for manifestation. Those who are just starting their journey with crystal energy and healing will find that citrine will help them kick start their journey in a positive and powerful way. Citrine will have you getting your energies in check in no time as it also helps bring positivity into your life.

Just know that whichever stones you may select to start your journey, they are the right ones for you!


Crystal Cleansing

Many crystals can absorb all that negative energy, so in order to prevent your crystals from holding onto anything no longer serving a purpose, they should be cleansed and recharged regularly with light from either the sun or moon (we all tend to feel a little bit more energized on a nice sunny day!), a smudge cleanse using sage or other herbs, or a salt water bath for those crystals that are safe to be submerged in water.