Rose Quartz: The Crystal of Love


Rose Quartz

Birth Month: June 
Zodiac: Scorpio 
Chakra: Heart
Element: Water
Goddess: Aphrodite, Venus, Astarte, Turan, Isis


Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystals


Rose Quartz is a crystal that is all about love energy. Whether you’re trying to attract a love that is romantic, or you’re just working on upping your self-love game, Rose Quartz helps you to lay the foundation for love energy work.

Rose Quartz has been known as the crystal of love for centuries. What would a love or fertility ritual even be without that gentle, caring love energy? Rose Quartz is deeply associated with femininity, love, intimacy, and healing. Rose Quartz is the stone of the mother, and all things nurturing.

Tip: If you're feeling symptoms related to feminine organs or menstruation, try adding Rose Quartz to a hot bath and soak in some of that healing energy!

In order to find a new partner and establish a strong, healthy relationship with them, we must first take some time to really reflect on our relationship with ourselves. Rose Quartz can help you to process any trauma, and gently guide you on your journey to healing emotional wounds.

Rough Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz helps you to form bonds in relationships, just as a mother begins to bond with her baby, or when you have that first moment of bonding with a new friend. Bonding is the key to any relationship, whether it is platonic or romantic.

Take the healing energy of Rose Quartz to heart and feel your Heart Chakra begin to clear - clearing the way for a new love!


Practice This:

Lay a piece of Rose Quartz close to your heart. Turn your mind to what kind of partner you are looking for. Picture this person in your minds eye.

Take into consideration who you are yourself as a partner.

Where does your mind go first? Have you allowed yourself to be open to finding this person? Or has trauma played a part in keeping your Heart Chakra closed.

Stay for a moment here and allow yourself to become open to receiving this person into your life.


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