Crown Chakra Healing Crystals & Stones

Crown Chakra Healing Crystals & Stones


What Should You Know About the Crown Chakra?

The Crown Chakra, or Sahasrāra in Sanskrit, is the 7th and topmost Chakra. The Crown Chakra is the only one of the Chakras that is found outside of your physical body, and can be found just above your head. The Crown Chakra symbolizes the connection between your physical body and the Spirit realm. 

Your Crown Chakra is associated with spiritual connection and achieving a higher level of consciousness. The Crown Chakra is where you find connection to the universe, purpose, and awareness. 

You can use crystals associated with the Crown Chakra when you are seeking alignment or connection to the Crown Chakra. 


Using Crown Chakra Healing Crystals

How Can You Use Crown Chakra Crystals?

You can use crystals to engage and/or heal the Crown Chakra in many different ways. Here are some tips to get you started:

- Hold on to one of your favorite Crown Chakra healing crystals during a meditation or any time that you are focusing on working with your Crown Chakra.

- Laying on your back, place a crystal to represent your Crown Chakra just above your head. Envision in your mind's eye the energy of this crystal penetrating your Crown Chakra and strengthening your connection to it. 

- When you are engaging in any spiritual practice or ritual, place Crown Chakra crystals nearby to help amplify your connection to your Crown Chakra.


Which Crystals Are Aligned with the Crown Chakra?

Crystals that are aligned with the Crown Chakra are usually white, purple, or sometimes even blue in color. We have selected 7 of the best Crown Chakra crystals for you to incorporate into your crystal healing practice.

AmethystClear QuartzLepidolite, Purple AgateHowliteAragoniteMoonstone


1) Amethyst


Amethyst Healing Crystals


Amethyst crystals are a super powerful source of spiritual power. As a Crown Chakra healing crystal, Amethyst is known to bring peace and a sense of calm to an overstimulated psyche.

Overstimulation can cause energetic burnout which often results in you shutting off your connection to Spirit and feeling lost in the Universe. Amethyst can help you heal spiritual overwhelm as well as your Crown Chakra connection.

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2) Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz Healing Crystals


Clear Quartz is an all-powerful master healing crystal, used for cleansing any and all of your Chakras. Some of the most important properties that are attributed to Clear Quartz as a Crown Chakra crystal are clarity, amplification, and awareness. 

The Crown Chakra is all about building a higher level of perception and pursuing a state of higher consciousness. Working with the energy of Clear Quartz healing crystals to find clarity and understanding will be the key to unlocking the Crown Chakra and bringing it into alignment.

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3) Lepidolite


Lepidolite Healing Crystals


Lepidolite is a Crown Chakra healing crystal that is known for helping you to achieve inner peace, find balance, and relieve stress.

Lepidolite crystals encourage you to look inwards to find a sense of inner awareness. Inner awareness is guided by the Crown Chakra, and is the first step in the long term development of self regulation. 

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4) Purple Agate


Purple Agate Healing Crystals


Purple Agate is a helpful crystal to use when you are working with your Crown Chakra because of its natural ability to balance your energy and open up powerful Spiritual connections.

Purple Agate is especially helpful as a crystal of self-discovery. Explore who you truly are, the powerful spiritual gifts that you hold, and what your true purpose is on this Earth by working with the divine energy of Purple Agate.

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5) Howlite


Howlite Healing Crystals


The Crown Chakra is directly tied to your awareness of both your surroundings and of your own being. As a Crown Chakra crystal Howlite can bring to those that work with it enlightenment, wisdom, and an innate understanding of the Universe. 

The healing energy of Howlite crystals can help you develop your sense of emotional regulation with their calm, gentle energy. Stability and balance are also exceptional properties of Howlite. 

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6) Aragonite


Aragonite Healing Crystals - Muse + Moonstone


Aragonite is one of the only crystals that connects the Crown Chakra to the Root Chakra. Aragonite can help you build a foundation of energetic protection for you to be able to practice your spiritual gifts in a safe space. The energy of Aragonite can bring you clarity when you need to determine which boundaries are necessary to keep you well protected in either the physical or spiritual realms (or both!).

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7) Moonstone


Moonstone Healing Crystals


Moonstone crystals are said to act as a link between the energy of the Universe and our Crown Chakras. Moonstone can help you find clarity and perspective, allowing you to catch any signs and symbols from the Universe that you may have been missing. Moonstone healing crystals are also exceptional at easing anxiety and the fear of the unknown. 

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