Purple Agate

Purple Agate 

Origin: Brazil
Chakra: Third Eye, Crown


What is the Meaning of Purple Agate?

Intro to Purple Agate

Purple Agate is a crystal known for being associated with intuition, divinity, and peaceful dreams. Purple Agate is helpful when working with your Third Eye and Crown Chakras because of it's ability to balance your energy and open up that Spiritual connection.

Purple Agate is an inspirational crystal, it has been attributed with stimulating creativity and it will have your creative thoughts and ideas to flowing in abundance. Purple Agate is especially effective for those working with matters of the mind such as psychology or self discovery. 

Purple Agate is also a crystal known for its use in rituals involving several goddesses, and can help you to unlock your divine feminine energy.

Agate is made up of layer upon layer of chalcedony and quartz, and is usually found in volcanic or sedimentary rock cavities. These rock cavities often contain druzy quartz (or other crystalline druzy such as Amethyst), which is spectacular and breathtaking feat of mother nature.


Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Purple Agate:

△ Mental Clarity
△ Balance Energy
△ Creativity
△ Increase Efficiency 
△ Intuition
△ Goddess Energy



Purple Agate Geode

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