Explore the Divine Feminine: Building Your Own Goddess Altar



As a girl, I became obsessed with the Greek Goddesses (Thank you, Disney’s Hercules circa 1997!). I wasn’t interested in being a princess; that was much too mortal - way too ordinary. Only being a goddess with delicious magical powers would do for this girl. I coveted the long, luxurious white and gold Grecian gowns they were always shown wearing just as much as the powerful presence they always possessed.

Aphrodite, Artemis, and Athena were powerful, independent, and had an otherworldly beauty to them. They didn’t need a Prince Charming to come and save the day, they were the ones deciding the fates of those princes. They were everything I wanted to be… and they still very much are! 

Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty

Divine Feminine

As I began to learn about the Greek Goddesses, I discovered Goddesses were an integral part of other cultures as well. I was an in awe that so many civilizations worshipped these female deities, and yet the Divine Feminine was so lacking in any religion that I was familiar with. The Divine Feminine stands for so many things necessary for humanity - creation, empathy, justice, healing, and harmony - and yet it has been ignored for centuries.

While deity status may not be an attainable goal, we can still harness and use our Goddess power! One of the ways that I invoke my Goddess power is through my Goddess altar. An altar is a table or space that is focused and dedicated for a specific purpose, and where rituals are performed or offerings and sacrifices made (Don’t worry – the only thing being sacrificed here is our time and energy!). 


Rose Quartz and Moonstone

Setting Up Your Goddess Altar

Materials Required:

- A table or space to set up your altar
- An effigy or figurine to represent your Goddess of choice
- Symbols or items of offering to your Goddess
- Candles
- Sage for energy cleansing


Goddess Altar - Aphrodite - Rose Quartz, Rose Petals, Seashells 

An altar can be set up depending on which Goddess you’d like to call on. In this case I chose Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love and Beauty - you can read more about Aphrodite here. The altar should include any items that you feel really resonate with your chosen Goddess, and help you to feel connected with her energy.

Aphrodite has certain symbols that are associated with her, things that through various legends and lore she is known to be related to and prefer. Some of these symbols include roses, pearls, shells, swans, sparrows, apples, and pomegranates.


SpiritGypsy Crystal Candle - Rose Quartz


To create my sacred Goddess space and altar I found a space that would not be disturbed and stacked some crates to give my altar some different levels. I used a length of dusty rose colored fabric to add an element of femininity, which is also reminiscent of the Grecian style drapery we see in many representations of Aphrodite. I then incorporated some fresh roses, my Aphrodite statuary, a string of pearls, candles, a shell dish and various shells. I also placed on my altar some crystals that have been charged with Aphrodite’s energy during my self-love ritual.


Goddess Altar - Aphrodite - Top View - SpiritGypsy Candle, Rose Quartz


Sacred Space

This altar is a sacred space for you to perform rituals, meditate, and manifest your inner goddess energy. Call on Aphrodite to lend you her powers of passion, pleasure, and fertility. Channel her when you need a boost to your self-confidence, motivation, or to reconnect with your inner Goddess. Give thanks to Aphrodite and her light, loving, energy by offering her your positive self-affirmations and self-love.

Feel free to change up your altar as often as you would like. Your altar doesn’t always need to be dedicated to the same Goddess or Goddesses, craft it as you please. Make sure to cleanse the energy surrounding your altar often!


May the Goddess be with you! 

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