Moonstone: The Crystal of the Goddess

Moonstone Lore:

Birth Month: June
Zodiac: Cancer
Chakra: Crown
Element: Water
Goddess: Diana, Nyx, Selene, Hanwi, Cerridwen


Moonstone has such a distinctly feminine energy to it that it can easily be recognized as the stone of the Goddess and Divine Feminine. Divine Feminine energy isn’t only for women, but it represents many of the same vibrations that we attribute to femininity such as healing, fertility, intuition and sensuality. Whether it is in your practice to worship the Goddesses, or if your inner goddess is the sole focus of your energy work, Moonstone can help you connect with that feminine energy that may have been lying dormant for too long!


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Moonstone is helpful in many feminine matters as well, from menstrual cycles, to trying to conceive, and everything in between.

Moonstone represents the lunar cycle (and also the menstrual cycle!), and just as the tide ebbs and flows throughout the cycle of the moon, a woman’s hormones fluctuate to follow the same sort of pattern throughout her cycle.

Moonstone can help you throughout your cycle by stabilizing your hormones and emotions. Moonstone has a calming effect on the female organs, which can be especially helpful when trying to conceive. During periods of infertility, many women suffer from stress, which can further complicate the process! 

Moonstone comes in many different colours, with each one having slightly different properties.


Pink Moonstone: Especially adept at soothing worry and anxiety.

Peach Moonstone: Fertility and feminine organs are in focus.

White Moonstone: Powerful in protecting against negative thoughts or dreams.

Black Moonstone: Calms the mind, removes negative thought cycles.

Blue Moonstone: Clarifies your thoughts, for intuitive work. 


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When you picture a Goddess in your minds eye, most people picture a beautiful, confident, woman deity that has an other-worldly glow about her and not hair out of place. We are all that woman, but some of us just need a little help to remember that. Moonstone is great crystal to use for stimulating confidence and self-expression, for coming into your own sensuality, and allowing your inner goddess to emerge!


For more information on recognizing your inner goddess, check out Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon!

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