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Follow Your Breath: Transform Yourself Through Breathwork

Follow Your Breath: Transform Yourself Through Breathwork

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Follow Your Breath is a practical introduction to life-changing breathing techniques, offering a 'breathwork menu' so you can turn to the page according to what you need at any given time and access this incredible life hack.

Whether it's calming down, sparking up, preparing for physical activity, settling in for a deep meditation, dealing with a health or sinus issue, focusing for a test, managing insomnia or wanting to get a natural euphoric high, Follow Your Breath has you covered.

Breath activates communication pathways between the mind and body to positively affect our emotions, and we can even use the breath as a vehicle to shift our level of consciousness.

In Follow Your Breath you are offered a range of easy-to-follow practices with step-by-step instructions, diagrams and post-practice notes so you can start shifting your mental state today. By using this book you'll unlock one of the greatest – and most accessible – life hacks.

Your breath will become your personal, pocket-ready superpower that you can pull out anywhere, anytime – no complicated equipment needed.


Title: Follow Your Breath: Transform Yourself Through Breathwork

Author: Emma Power, Jenna Meade

Format: Hardcover

Product dimensions: 176 pages

Published: January 10, 2023

Publisher: Hardie Grant - Chronicle Books

Language: English

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