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Picasso Calcite - Rough

Picasso Calcite - Rough

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Picasso Calcite brings to your home the spiritually famed law of attraction. The law of attraction dictates that whatever energy you put into the universe, is what you shall receive. It is important to maintain positivity in your life so that you ensure the continuous flow of positive energy.

Picasso Calcite can be viewed as your positivity assistant. Its metaphysical properties allow for the maintenance of positivity even in stormy waters, perpetuating the further flow of positive energy into your life. It is a happy rock that inspires optimistic thinking and the desire to grow. Like a little friend, Picasso Calcite has a way of knowing what you need and manifesting it; whether it be new relationships, new opportunities or the transformation of something negative.

Additionally, Picasso Calcite can be beneficial to your creative energy. Picasso Calcite is known to assist with allowing your creativity to flow and allowing you to break free of the limits you set for yourself in your mind.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties of Picasso Calcite:

△ Creativity

△ Positivity

△ Optimism

△ New Beginnings

△ New Relationships

△ Adapting


Medium: 60g to 80g (2" to 2.5") in size.

Origin: Pakistan

Chakra: Throat

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