How to Use Smudge: Cleanse Your Energy, Crystals and Home

Dating back to ancient aboriginal practice, the smudging, saging, or "smoking" of sage and other herbs helps to clear bad energies and cleanse your body, mind and soul. 

The ritual of smudging or saging can be done any time the energy in a room has grown stale, when your crystals need cleansing, or any other time you feel drawn to the practice.

To ensure that the old energy has an escape route, it is wise to keep a window open. Make this ancient practice your own by incorporating other spiritual tools such as crystals, feathers, salt and candles into your smudging practice.


Sage Stick and Abalone Shell

How to Smudge or Sage Your Space:

  • Light the smudge stick with a match.
  • As the smudge smulders, move through each space you are wishing to cleanse while speaking your intentions. Use the abalone shell to collect any ashes that may fall. It is normal to need to relight the smudge every so often.
  • Once you have wafted smoke into each area you are wishing to smudge, return to a central area, and extinguish the smudge.
  • Place the Palo Santo inside the abalone shell, and surround the shell with your crystals.
  • Light the Palo Santo, as you reflect on the cleansing of the energy.
  • Once you have ensured the flames have been extinguished, pack everything back into the box in anticipation of your next smudge session!

Smudging your space with sage on a regular basis can help you release stress, tension, and negative emotions.

Keeping your space clear of negative vibrations can help you maintain a healthy, and happy home.

Mini Smudge Kit

The Mini Energy Cleansing Smudge Box has everything you need to perform your first smudging ritual!

This smudge box represents every element, air (smudge smoke), water (abalone shell), earth (selenite and tumbled stones), and fire (palo santo).

Be sure to enjoy and give thanks for the post-smudge peacefulness!