Lepidolite - The Meditation Crystal

The History of Lepidolite

Lepidolite is a healing crystal that belongs to the mica family of minerals. The colour of Lepidolite ranges from a soft lavender to a deep violet colour, with little flecks of mica adding small flashes of light. Lepidolite can credit its beautiful purple hue to trace manganese impurities that are found within the makeup of Lepidolite’s structure.

Lepidolite was originally named Lilalite after its tendency to have a colour closely resembling the flowers from a Lilac tree. Eventually this pretty purple stone came to be known as Lepidolite – named so for the Greek word for scale, ‘lepidos’. The flakey mica of Lepidolite is certainly reminiscent of a dragons scale!


What is the Meaning of Lepidolite?

Lepidolite is a crystal known for it’s amazing calming energy. Lepidolite helps to bring peace, tranquility, and clarity to you and any space you may decide to use the healing energy of Lepidolite in. The properties of Lepidolite are very much associated with the mind, the Third Eye Chakra, and the sympathetic nervous system.

 Lepidolite - Tumbled Crystal - Spirit Gypsy


Which Chakra is Lepidolite Associated with?

Lepidolite is a Crown Chakra (Sahasrāra), and Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) crystal. 

Use Lepidolite for the Crown Chakra when you are looking for mental clarity in times of distress, when you are goal-setting, and when you are feeling drawn to connect to spirit

Use Lepidolite for the Third Eye Chakra when you are searching for enlightenment, looking to tune in to your intuition, or are having difficulties sleeping.


Lepidolite for Meditation  

The healing properties of Lepidolite make it the perfect crystal for meditation – it has an easy, gentle energy that is perfect for lulling you into a deep meditative state.

Calming the body and mind isn’t always as simple as it sounds. Achieving that perfect state of inner peace and tranquility can take a long time to accomplish. Many people find tools and techniques that can assist them along that path to inner awareness and serenity.

Using Lepidolite crystals in your meditation practice can help you enhance your ability to find stillness in your meditation practice and to let go of all the anxieties that may have been holding you back.


How to Use Lepidolite for Meditation: 

  1. Find a nice calm, quiet, space to begin your meditation practice.
  1. Get comfortable. Nothing will sidetrack your meditation practice faster than being physically uncomfortable. Find a position that you will be able to maintain for 15 – 30 minutes (or longer depending on your personal practice).
  1. Decide where you will place your Lepidolite crystals for the duration of your meditation. If it is in your meditation practice to remain seated, try holding your Lepidolite in your palm or placing it in front of where you have chosen to sit. If you choose to lay down during your meditation, you can try placing your lepidolite on your forehead, or otherwise nearby your head.
  1. Prepare for your meditation by cleansing yourself with your Lepidolite crystal. Allow yourself to visualize the energy of the Lepidolite crystal radiating towards you and sweeping away the excess activity in your mind. As the energy from the Lepidolite reaches you, any racing thoughts will begin to slow until you’ve reached a state of serene peace.
  1. Once you’ve managed to find stillness in your mind, you’re ready to move on to wherever your meditation practice will guide you.