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Winter Solstice Smudge Kit - Limited Edition

Winter Solstice Smudge Kit - Limited Edition

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Winter brings the energy inward into a hibernation state. It is a time to go inward, reflect, and let what needs to die be released into the earth, and what needs to quiet for a season find solitude so that it may grow back stronger when spring comes. The winter solstice is a time to celebrate and release all we have discovered in the darkness and begin to call in the light once again.

As the darkness has been slowly gaining upon us, so it comes to a deeply reflective state regarding what we have experienced through the seasonal cycles of the year. Energy is turned inward, and we go into a more yin like state. And though this state of yin energy will remain as we dive into the depth and heart of winter, the Winter Solstice offers a glimpse of the light that is on the horizon. Like a flame in a dark room, it guides us to our destination. Continue reading here.

Each Smudge Kit Contains:

- White Sage Smudge Stick

- Large Abalone Shell

- Palo Santo

- Tumbled Black Agate 

- Tumbled Green Aventurine 

- Tumbled Citrine 

- Clear Quartz Point

- Rough Black Obsidian


How to Burn Sage:

1. Light the sage smudge stick with a match.

2. As the sage smudge smolders, move through each space you are wishing to cleanse while speaking your intentions. Use the abalone shell to collect any ashes that may fall. It is normal to need to relight the smudge every so often.

3. Once you have wafted smoke into each area you are wishing to smudge, return to a central area, and extinguish the smudge.


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