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Sunstone - Unique Necklace #1 - Love + Lark

Sunstone - Unique Necklace #1 - Love + Lark

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Confidence - Abundance - Optimism

Sunstone is a great crystal for those who are career driven. This crystal has a powerful ability to brighten and strengthen the energy of those who choose to hold it. Sunstone will help alleviate any fear relating to failure or unworthiness, clearing the way for it's optimistic and enthusiastic energy. 

This one of a kind necklace features an authentic Sunstone gemstone and is set in .925 silver.  

Learn more about Sunstone here.

Product Details:


This pendant is approximately 1" in length.

- Genuine Sunstone Gemstone

- .925 Silver

- Made in Thailand

- Chain included

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral

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