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Stellar Visions Oracle Cards: 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

Stellar Visions Oracle Cards: 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

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Gain astrological insights and inspiration through the power and flexibility of oracle cards with Stellar Visions Oracle Cards. 

With so many powerful energies in the universe, it can be hard to discern which ones to listen to. This 53-card oracle deck is perfect for everyone from novice to expert who is looking 
for guidance from astrology and explore the dynamic facets of the tapestry of life. 

Each of the cards is connected to an astrological archetype to help develop your stellar vision and seek oracular guidance. Find cards that guide you through the signs, planets, houses, aspects, asteroids and events such as retrogrades and new moons. Through a variety of readings, you can learn how to moon map, understand your astrology chart, and understand the current astrological weather.

enchantingly illustrated deck comes with an interpretation guidebook for a deeper understanding of oracle readings, which you can turn to when you want direction and illumination. Learn the interpretation of the cards through an oracle deck reading and an interpretation as each card is used in astrology. This versatile 53-card deck can be integrated with tarot decks or used on their own to clarify present queries. 

Interpret the powers of the universe with the helping hand of the oracle.


Product Details:

Title: Stellar Visions Oracle Cards: 53-Card Deck and Guidebook: Your Guide to Astrological and Mystic Power

Author: Stephanie Gailing, Sosha Davis

Format: Deck and Guidebook

Dimensions: 128 pages, 53 card deck

Published: January 10, 2023

Publisher: Rock Point

Language: English

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