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Smithsonite - Unique Crystal Specimen #1

Smithsonite - Unique Crystal Specimen #1

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Calming - Releases Anger - Psychic Power

This is an amazing botryoidal Smithsonite formation with a rich turquoise color.

Smithsonite is known for its high vibrational healing power. Smithsonite helps to release anger and resentment, while instilling a sense of peace in all who are lucky enough to get a chance to hold a piece of this rare mineral.

Smithsonite crystals are also known to enhance psychic powers of any kind. 

Product Details:

This piece weighs 1874 grams (4.13 lbs)

Dimensions: H: 2.25” x L: 8” x W: 4.5"

Origin: Pakistan

Chakra: Throat, Heart

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