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Sage Smudge + Abalone Shell Set

Sage Smudge + Abalone Shell Set

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White sage (Salvia Apiana - Salvia is from the latin word salvare which means to heal), is a sacred plant of Native American heritage. It's been used for centuries as an instrument to clear negative space and cleanse energy. 

As you burn the sage and allow the sweet-smelling smoke to rise, whisper affirmations and allow any negative thoughts to be released into the air, leaving your mind feeling a little bit lighter than before.

Slowly walk around your space and allow the smoke to waft through your home. Guide the smoke—and any negativity—out of your space, making room for positive energy to enter your life!

How to Burn Sage:

1. Light the sage smudge stick with a match.

2. As the sage smudge smoulders, move through each space you are wishing to cleanse while speaking your intentions. Use the abalone shell to collect any ashes that may fall. It is normal to need to relight the smudge every so often.

3. Once you have wafted smoke into each area you are wishing to smudge, return to a central area, and extinguish the smudge.


- Loose White Sage ( .25 oz)

- Small Abalone Shell (approximately 3")

Origin: USA (Sage), South Africa, Mexico, Phillipines (Abalone).

Ethical Sourcing:

Our sage is harvested by selected Indigenous companies.

This wild sage is harvested by individual pickers (there is no big cultivation nor farms involved). This ensures an ethical harvest which leaves enough plants to self-populate the following year.

All of the abalone shells that we carry are ethically harvested. Ethical Sustainability is one of the main reasons we chose our current suppliers.

Abalone shells pass stringent importing regulations and scrutiny by the office of Fish and Wildlife in the US and the Conservation and Protection Branch of Fisheries and Oceans in Canada. All documentation must meet the requirements of both these governing bodies.


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