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Rose Calcite - Sphere

Rose Calcite - Sphere

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Rose Calcite is a power Heart Chakra crystal that can help you to solve matters concerning the heart, love, and all the complex emotions that go right along with them!

The struggle between listening to your heart or your head can be an overwhelming one. Rose Calcite can help you to find clarity in times when your heart might be clouding your better judgment.Those who have struggled with their emotions can rely on Rose Calcite to help them find balance within themselves.

Emotional distress can be a symptom of a closed Heart Chakra and can manifest itself as having low self esteem or relationship problems. Rose Calcite can be a source of strength for those who need to regain their sense of self love, and self care.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

△ Emotional Healing

△ Decision Making

△ Love

△ Clarity

△ Emotional Healing

△ Self Esteem



Medium: 400 g to 600 g (2" to 2.25" diameter) in size.

Large: 600 g to 800 g (2.25" to 2.75" diameter) in size.

Origin: Pakistan

Chakra: Heart

Please Note: Items may vary in size, weight, colour and appearance.

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