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Rhodonite - Unique Specimen #1

Rhodonite - Unique Specimen #1

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Rhodonite is the ultimate crystal for building healthy relationships. This stone is all about those good feelings, helping you manifest them as well as helping you to express those feelings to your loved ones.

Rhodonite is the flirty sister of Rose Quartz, giving off vibrations of love and light, but also kicking it up a notch and uncovering the passion within. Rhodonite is the crystal you want around if you're ready to fall head over heels in love, all in with no fear!

Healing and Metaphysical Properties:

△ Confidence

△ Soothes Heartache

△ Forgiveness

△ Compassion

△ Unconditional Love

△ Releases Fear


This piece weighs 1687 grams (3.7 lbs).

Dimensions: H: 5” x L: 7” x W: 3"

Origin: Pakistan

Chakra: Heart

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